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1) Solomon Kykes welcomes the special guests of this DockerCon conference, Docker's icon and website cartoon artist @ laurelcomics to attend this conference.

2) @ laurelcomics twitter text in preparation for the @gordonTheTurtle illustrations, this turtle is the mascot of this conference? What is this in the end the ghost? Anyway, I was no trouble to understand, you understand @ What is the Terrier What is the Terrier, please leave a message below this letter it


3) CoreOS Linux operating system image in Azure China to provide services, the current version is CoreOS 1010.5.0. You can use the command line one-click start CoreOS Linux cloud host.

Azure vm create –custom-data = cloud-config.yaml –vm-size = Small –ssh = 22 –ssh-cert = path / to / cert –no-ssh-password –vm-name = Node-1 –location = "my-cloud-service $ (azure vm image list – json | jq –raw-output '. []. Name | select (contains (" __ CoreOS-Stable-1010.5.0 " )) ') Core
In the public cloud inside to play Docker is more and more popular? In fact, I am more concerned about is that Microsoft seems to paste Docker getting closer, if one day to get the Docker to get it? So far do not want to calculate that time all the open source of the heart shadow area. Https:// … .html … .html


4) Docerk recommended blog, how to play DreamFactory swordsman mirror, DreamFactory himself said that "the smartest way to get powerful REST APIs for your mobile, web and IoT project", it feels so wit, there are wood, you daocker run a To know the wow … ocker


5) Docker recommended the Chinese engineer @dongluochen in msdn's channel9 about Docker Swarm video presentation. Explain how to use Docker Swarm on Azure


6) Dcoker recommended blog, … ocker discusses the container stored QoS, explained Veritas InfoScale permanent storage program. This storage layer can be loaded into the container with the Docker plugin on demand, and the lower layer can support SAN and DAS. Very worthy of attention. Imagine these commands:




7) Dcoker Recommended blog posts: How to play serverless in the IBM Cloud


8) Docker Recommended blog posts: How to build a minimalist Nodejs image (based on Alpine, 136 MB, official image 190 MB). Http:// … ries /

9) Solomon said "SwarmKit just received pull request # 1000. If you're into distributed systems, you should keep an eye on this repo."; You feel open source software play, this is SwarmKit's first 1000 PR , Https:// you can see 15 Open, 693 Closed. What do you want to play with the closed source? Not commented.

10) Docker recommended Blog: Doker use the risk of nothing, but pay attention to these points:
Docker host can be compromised by just running container
Container's root user and Docker host's root user is always the same
Docker should not allow containers to access host anyway
Docker containers are vulnerable to the fork bomb
There are many other considerations, click on the original text below to see it.
Http:// … 50219


11) Docker Recommended blog posts: Codepicnic on the AWS is how to play Docker Swarm.
Https:// … 834dd

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