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DockOne Technology Sharing (23): Docker Practice of Walking Cartoons

[Editor's Note] This main share of Docker in the application of the storm include: the development environment of the Service structures, code hosting, continuous integration, Docker image support services, some micro-services and the entire data service system. Storm cartoon is a cultural media company. In addition to the company has a number of video entertainment […]

DockOne 's Share on Dicker (70): Talking about Docker' s Safety Compliance Building

[Editor's Note] By reading online posts and browsing related information, we may have an illusion: Docker lack of security, Docker into the production environment conservative. But the reality is that although we need to be highly concerned about the safety of the container, but as long as the use of properly, can be a no […]

DockOne micro letter sharing (eleven): Hujiang containerized operation and maintenance practice

Consul + Consul Template + Nginx Implementing Service Automatic Discovery and Registration; Prometheus + Grafana + Nullx Implementing Service Automatic Discovery and Registration; Prometheus + Grafana + Alertmanager alarm to achieve container monitoring alarm. This share will be explained from the following aspects: Choose the container technology reasons Container technology selection Container storage Container network […]

DockOne to share (12: 2): Explore Kubernetes network principles and programs

In 2016, the ClusterHQ container technology application survey showed that the proportion of container technology used in production increased by 96% over a year and Kubernetes was 40%, making it the most popular container arrangement tool; then Kubernetes what is it then? It is a container cluster for the automated deployment, expansion and operation and […]

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