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Introduction to Docker Swarm

Docker Swarm is a local cluster of Dockerized distributed applications that optimize the utilization of host resources and fault-tolerant services based on the functionality provided by the Machine . Specifically, Docker Swarm supports the creation of a host resource pool that can run the Docker Daemon and then runs the Docker container in the resource […]

Getting Started with Docker Swarm (3) Swarm SOA

Matt Bajor is interested in Docker and related product research, this article is his writing Docker Swarm entry series of the third, the article describes the Docker Swarm SOA architecture and its basic attributes, roughly introduced the SOA architecture Related levels, including the program layer, cluster layer, service distribution layer, and routing layer. One of […]

Docker Swarm Getting Started (4) Demo

Matt Bajor is interested in Docker and related product research, this article is his writing Docker Swarm entry series of the fourth, through a Demo to give readers a better understanding of Docker Swarm. The main direction of my hackweek effort is the Docker Swarm cluster in the Vagrant environment. This article will look at […]

"Docker Swarm entry" series of translator order

At the DockerCon European Conference in December 2014, Docker officially released a new choreography service, which was made up of three new platforms , Docker Machine, Docker Swarm and Docker Compose. As the launch of the service is not long, the relevant information is relatively small. Matt Bajor, author of this series, is keen on […]

Docker releases the Arrangement Kit

[Editor's Note] Docker announced in its official blog that the first version of the Arrangement Kit has been available for download, but it can not be used in a production environment. Which Machine and Swarm is Beta, and Compose released 1.1 version. These three tools require readers to focus on them, they are the highlight […]

Analyze Docker Swarm and Mesos: What is it? How to combine What are the advantages?

This article from Mesosphere, starting from the needs of the production environment, briefly describes the birth of Docker Swarm background, and its relationship with Mesos, Mesosphere DCOS, but also describes the Mesosphere management of large-scale container and its way And how Swarm is combined. Docker Chief Technology Officer Solomon Hykes said that Mesos is the […]

How to build a Docker Swarm cluster from scratch

[Editor's Note] This article describes how to build Docker Swarm cluster from scratch, with reference to the Youtube video Demo of Machine + Swarm + compose integration and Demo of Docker Swarm Beta and the official Docker Swarm document , to provide readers with more intuitive Swarm Demonstration example. demand 1. Docker version 1.4.0+ 2. […]

Swarm token found the problem

Other discovery mechanisms are well understood, and the node registration information is stored in the corresponding discovery backend. Then the token mechanism 1) where is the node information registered? 2) node meta information (such as the use of the scheduler node lable), the state information (cpu, mem, whether active) where? 3) can delete a node […]

Swock of the Docker management tool

[Editor's Note] This article first introduced the Swarm structure and the main command, and then describes how to simply put the Swarm up and use. And then analyzed the Swarm the most important three technical points: Discovery, Filter and Strategy. Finally, some of the problems that the author thought or encountered in the process of […]

Docker Machine + Compose + Swarm

[Editor's Note] The case of this article combines Docker's three major arranging tools, Docker Machine, Compose and Swarm, which are worth reading. Docker has now introduced a number of new command-line tools that can simplychestrate Docker instances, clusters, and container management. They are: Docker Machine – lets you easily deploy Docker instances to many different […]

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