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Fun people: quickly build ZooKeeper cluster

Familiar with ZooKeeper friends are clear that this is a good thing. Just building a ZooKeeper cluster is not an easy thing. Use the number of people to deploy ZooKeeper cluster? That's minutes. Note: ZooKeeper is described at the end of this article Two steps to build ZooKeeper cluster Step 1: Create a cluster The […]

How is the container that is better than all the financial industry?

Complex infrastructure IT architecture is the status of traditional finance, how to quickly respond to user needs, speed up new business on-line speed, shorten the product iteration cycle? Several people cloud in the container landing financial cloud 2 years of practice, to achieve financial core business technology WebLogic, J2EE, Oracle middleware container production standards, has […]

The biggest difficulty to overcome the micro service: user data

Today, several people will share the article to discuss the micro-service architecture to create and develop the most difficult part of the user data. Only when we get rid of our dependence on the micro-service to work, in other words, exists in a single database on the multi-task process is not a real micro-service. Using […]

A list of DevOps structures – please use it slowly

Development and operation and maintenance of the relationship has been very "subtle", he listen to me, he does not listen to me, oh he spoke, oh well I can not understand what he said … … development and operation and maintenance of the resentment For a long time, the birth of DevOps is to solve […]

Sharing of micro – service access to security design

Today is to bring you the number of cloud engineers in the efficient operation of the power of the group on the sharing of records. From the traditional single application architecture to the micro-service architecture, security issues have always been the focus of attention, and we share the exploration and practice of micro-service access security […]

Some Thoughts on Mesos' Security

Deck today for everyone to hold the content, is a security issue about Mesos . The problem can be said to be a common problem with the current container management tool in the industry. Mesos's team is already trying to solve it. So before the formal solution comes out, we can have a way to […]

People are never enough – to share SRE team organization and management at Fudan University

From the end of October to the beginning of December, several people cloud and Fudan University co-sponsored for the Fudan University School of Software Engineering Software Engineering Master's "Introduction to Information Systems Engineering (SRE: large-scale application of operation and maintenance practice)" series of elective courses, today's decimal We have a wonderful share of SRE team […]

New Year Plan List: Preparation for Failure

With the end of 2016, it was time to prepare for next year. Today's article invited three foreign guests, Andrew Phillips, Tim Buntel, and TJ Randall, to see what the industry thinkers have for the Devops world in the new year, to provide some reference for everyone. 1. The new wave – "next-generation platform" will […]

Lao Xiao has something to say | based on Google Borg design to achieve open source scheduler

Soon to be New Year's Eve, the mood of the decimal and everyone as excited. A few people cloud CTO old Xiao dry goods offer, the first dry respect! I wish you all a Happy New Year! Standing on the shoulders of giants, can see how high, how far? This article tells you the answer […]

SRE series of tutorials | Time series data based on the monitoring practice

Several people SRE series of tutorials continue to update. Today, the fractional for everyone to bring the number of people cloud CTO Xiao Germany when the online sharing. SRE monitoring concept is different from the traditional monitoring of a feature is a new generation of time-based storage monitoring. This article through the concept of analysis […]

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