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Rancher Have you ever learned about this?

Rancher is a container management platform for running Docker at scale. We built Rancher because we loved the Docker experience on a single host, and wanted to build a platform that would scale that experience across teams, projects and infrastructure running anywhere, while retaining Docker's native APIs and tools. <!– 附件 : –> Related Links: […]

DockOne technical sharing (thirty – four): build enterprise private Docker Registry combat sharing

【Editor's Note】 For the internal build Docker Registry, the deployment and operation and maintenance is particularly important. Today for everyone to share the next HP business R & D team in both aspects of the project combat and application. @Container Container Technology Conference will be held on January 24, 2016 in Beijing, from the Philharmonic […]

DockOne Technology Sharing (38): How does container service come to business customers? Rancher Solutions Share.

[Editor's note] Docker as the representative of the container technology flames, some pioneer-style Startup and Internet companies have tasted the sweetness, a lot of financial, insurance, telecommunications and other corporate customers are gearing up, eager. However, the CIO for these enterprises, the first thing to consider is the "how the container technology in my business […]

[Rancher Enterprise Container Cloud Platform] Docker-based build process (Part 1) – Continuous integration and testing (on)

Author: Usman Ismail, Bilal Sheikh (Rancher labs) Translator: Lei Wei VivianLei (Cloudsoar Yun Shu Network) Rancher Labs is a container technology infrastructure provider headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, and Rancher is an efficient and easy-to-use corporate container cloud platform. Yun Shu Network is a strategic partner for Rancher labs, and Rancher Labs is working together […]

[Rancher Enterprise Container Cloud Platform] Docker-based build process (Part 1) – Continuous integration and testing (below)

In this article, we describe how to apply Docker to CI to achieve centralized management, testability, repeatability, and isolation (environmental dependencies of different components). The rest of the build and deployment process based on Docker will be updated later. Usman Ismail, Bilal Sheikh (Rancher labs) Translator: Lei Wei VivianLei (Cloudsoar Yun Shu Network) 4. Continuous […]

Rancher Quick Start Guide (Virtual Machine)

[Editor's Note] This test makes Rancher's basic usage a junior attempt to help the novice. Note: Due to version update, the UI interface in the text is slightly different from the latest version. You can start a quick and easy Rancher test experience with one of the major distributions of the Linux virtual machine you […]

The latest Rancher resources (including the latest version of the rancher mirror), were downloaded

You have the latest rancher resources on the public cloud, easy to download. Docker pull index.alauda.cn/cloudsoar/rancher-server Docker pull index.alauda.cn/cloudsoar/rancher-agent-instance Docker pull index.alauda.cn/cloudsoar/rancher-agent The use of the process can be directly added [Rancher | combat group] micro-credit group or QQ group for real-time communication, the article finally provide group approach Oh! 【Tips】 Rancher | China launched […]

Windows Server container explorer -ASP.NET containerization

[Editor's Note] This article for the Windows Server environment, the container experience documentary, designed to share with you some experience and experience, the relevant video presentation and instructions will be updated next week, welcome to discuss. Author: Long Bin (Cloudsoar situ determination of network) Note: The article from the original network, reproduced, please indicate the […]

Docker Sidekick and Super Container- [Rancher |

【Summary】 My understanding is that the container only does one thing well. Do not put too many things into a container, it should be a main container with a bunch of sidekick to provide services, just like the gang boss with a horse out, this efficiency and architecture is the best. Editor's Note: The following […]

Run the Kubernetes environment in rancher

Rancher start login, there is a catalog comes with Kubernetes, I tried to start, but also run normally, but do not know how to access. After a night, read the document, and video ( Introducing Kubernetes Environments in Rancher , only to know how to run in the rancher kubernets right. To share with everyone, […]

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