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Docker-based PHP development environment

[Editor's Note] The author of this article is Geoffrey, who is a PHP web developer, like DevOps and Docker. This article mainly describes how to use Docker to build PHP development environment, the author also discusses the construction of Docker-based development environment should use a single container or multi-container, what are the pros and cons. […]

Docker in PHP project development environment applications

[Editor's note] Environmental deployment is the problem that all teams have to face, and as the system grows more and more, the services that depend on are more and more, how can they better solve these problems? This article documented the evolution of the PHP team recently to the development process of the Docker process, […]

Docker in the PHP project development environment in the application of a problem

I read Docker in the PHP project development environment in the application of the hello world module, according to the tutorial to go, I summed up a bit. 1. wear a php folder and enter it. Mkdir php Cd php 2. Create the index.php file and add the following. <? Php Echo "PHP in Docker"; […]

PHP developer's Docker trip

With PHP as our "Docker development spree" opened with some pilgrimage mood. This is a language called "ancient", which is the most controversial language, which is a constant Nirvana language. "PHP is the best language," the long-standing stem, perhaps it is the most mass of our country's programming language description, the most classic notes. Let […]

How to make a custom PHP base Docker image (a)

Welcome to "PHP application Docker development spree – Powered by DaoCloud", we have prepared for the PHP developers six from shallow to deep, well-designed series of articles. This is the first article in this series. Objectives: Prepare a custom PHP base image. Basic mirroring, usually mirroring the system with minimal functionality, and subsequent application mirroring […]

How to configure a Docker continuous integration of PHP development environment (d)

Objectives: We will write test code and create a continuous integration environment for PHP MySQL applications that were previously created. The project code is maintained in the DaoCloud / php-apache-mysql-sample project. Using PHPUnit to write unit tests (local) Use the following command to install PHPUnit 4.0: Bash Composer global require "phpunit / phpunit = ~ […]

Explore the PHP project in Docker

After the emergence of Docker, container technology in the field of the Internet has been an unprecedented popularity, whether it is large companies or Cock silk venture company code farmers are basically in a variety of technical communities or a variety of lectures to understand the relevant technology, we as a silk Start-up company is […]

Use docker to do laravel development environment, by the way how to set the docker container to the local order

Need to use laravel development, think of using docker. Laravel is one of the hottest php development frameworks in 2015. Some of the online similar introduction, but that still write their own one. First build a document, given the executable authority. The purpose is to run the composer mirror as a local command. $ Cat […]

Docker uses some of the problems with maxexcloo / nginx-php

I introduced the following two commands as described by maxexcloo docker run –name="nginx-php-data" maxexcloo/data docker run –name="nginx-php" -it –volumes-from="nginx-php-data" -e VIRTUAL_HOST=example.com,www.example.com maxexcloo/nginx-php But still can not access the server. I would like to ask 1. Is the first command to create a data contatiner? But a data container should not be mapped to a local […]

What is the role of privileged parameters in the Dmler Compose's yml file?

What is the role of the privileged parameter in the Dmler Compose's yml file? Turned the document, Baidu and Google, but did not find, trouble to explain. Why fpm and nginx need to add this parameter, and the web does not need this parameter? As shown below:

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