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Why is the current PaaS unsuccessful? Talking about the development direction of cloud computing

[Editor's Note] This article through the review of the history of the operating system, think PaaS can learn from the Unix operating system experience, a new generation of human-computer interaction basis, in general, this is a discussion of design ideas rather than engineering Practice the article. Hope to lead to more consider the underlying structure […]

2015 Docker and other subversive trends in IT

The author of this article introduces some disruptive trends in the IT field in 2015, such as how Docker will revolutionize PaaS, IaaS, etc., how Docker will subvert virtualization, private cloud, and configuration management. 2014 is really exciting year, this year, the field of cloud computing there have been some emerging technologies and trends to […]

Together to test the first domestic Docker-based cloud platform

Skylark is headquartered in Seattle, USA, and is the sixth member of Microsoft's venture capital accelerator. As the first Docker-based cloud platform company, Skylark technology today officially opened ( www.alauda.cn ) United States ( www.alauda.io ) synchronization closed beta! ! We invite you to participate in our closed beta and questionnaires. Participate in the survey […]

Please do not forget "operation and maintenance"

PaaS is not a strange topic, in the emerging container world, how do we see the relationship between maintenance and PaaS? How to rethink Dev and Ops positioning? The author of this share their own unique opinion. For example, the author said: Docker best point is that it is for the development and operation and […]

What is the reason for the slow development of PaaS?

[Editor's note] The author is Google App Engine's early users, IaaS, PaaS development has been concerned about the author analysis of the reasons for the slow development of the PaaS platform, including cost, lock-in and user habits several factors, but the author thinks These are temporary, and a large-scale PaaS era is coming. In 2009, […]

Construction of PaaS Based on Docker

Want to know what kind of Docker-based PaaS (such as daocloud, tutum) is running on some of the public IaaS or their own open source framework (like openstack like) to build the cloud, or other ways ah? 2015-03-17 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links […]

Support Kubernetes open source PaaS platform selection?

Is currently promoting the company PaaS platform construction, the initial idea is to use Docker to accelerate DevOps, no doubt Kubernetes is the best tool to do the service arrangement, but it is flawed: Can not provide hybrid cloud solution Can not provide PaaS platform support In view of the above reasons, their choice in […]

Why is the private cloud positioning supposed to be PaaS, not IaaS?

The editor of the IT industry has argued for the private cloud architecture for a long time, although there are very good attempts to the Iaas private cloud program, but it is not always satisfactory, because the focus is only on the Iaas is a start on the wrong idea The At the same time, […]

Meso + ZooKeeper + Marathon + Docker Distributed Deployment Build PaaS Cloud Platform Practice (1)

[Editor's Note] This article first gives a distributed deployment process, in the completion of this distributed deployment process took me a weekend time, because the domestic almost did not find a distributed deployment of the practice process records, I hope my practice Can be interested in the small partners in the distributed deployment to provide […]

OpenShift 3: Docker-based private PaaS platform

OpenShift is a very promising private PaaS solution that reduces the time from project start-up to automatic build applications and deployment, which supports the vast majority of Web architectures and will become a private PaaS platform based on Docker Of the reference. OpenShift is a private PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solution that is primarily used to build, […]

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