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Run Docker behind the Nginx reverse proxy

[Editor's Note] Want to have Docker public gateway, can support multi-tenant, and we expect the safety certification and other functions? Look at the author by recompiling Nginx so that it supports WebSockets support Docker own protocol to achieve the same requirements. A few weeks ago, I wanted to try how Docker was running in a […]

Use Docker, Registrator, Consul, Consul Template, and Nginx to achieve a highly scalable Web framework

Consul is a service software that supports multi-data center distributed high availability service discovery and configuration sharing, developed by HashiCorp Corporation in Go language, open protocol based on Mozilla Public License 2.0. This article describes how to use Consul to combine multiple Docker containers to provide a highly scalable Web service. When you start assembling […]

Docker Workflow (1): A Docker workflow that can be used in a production environment

[Editor's Note] The author works at the IIIEPE Institute in Mexico, where he will provide a reference to the latecomers through a series of articles that tell us about their experiences and lessons in the practical application of Docker. This article focuses on his Docker-based development workflow, including GitLab, Jenkins, Registry, Nginx. Docker is now […]

Dicker workflow based on Nginx, Node.js and Redis

[Editor's note] This article is a very practical article. The author describes a complete example of the construction of a Nginx, Node.js, Redis application services based on the Docker process. Recommend all Docker users to read and practice according to the article. In my previous article , I've covered how containers and Dockers affect PaaS, […]

Constructs an automated Nginx reverse proxy for "variable" Docker containers

[Editor's Note] The Docker containers are stateless, and they randomly assign IP and port numbers. In the Web server, we often need to apply Nginx load balancing. As we all know, Nginx configuration need to develop host IP and port, then the container IP, the port is changing, this time we should be how to […]

How to deploy Docker Registry in production environment

[Editor's Note] Registry is Docker used to store the mirror, because the current 2.0 just out soon, 1.0 is relatively sound. This article describes how to configure the Registry to run under the Nginx agent, providing user authentication, TLS encryption support. Read a lot of posts on the Internet, introduced a lot of Docker Registry, […]

Have a friend tried Django + Redis + Nginx + Celery?

I am currently the four things are running in a Docker container inside, because the project is internal use, the traffic is not large. So I am running is very stable, but I know this is not a long time, and I recently read some articles, as well as in the dockone.io community, a friend […]

Micro Service Actual Combat (1): Advantages and Deficiencies of Micro Service Architecture

[Editor's Note] This article from Nginx official blog, is the first micro-service series of articles, mainly to explore the traditional single application of the lack of micro-service architecture and the advantages and challenges. As the author says, the micro service architecture is more suitable for building complex applications, although it also has its own shortcomings. […]

Micro Service Actual (II): Use API Gateway

[Editor's Note] The first part of this series describes the micro service architecture model. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using micro services, in addition to some complex micro-service, this model is ideal for complex applications. When you decide to use the application as a set of micro services, you need to decide how […]

Micro-service combat (3): deep micro-service architecture of the process of communication

[Editor's Note] This is the use of micro-service architecture to create their own application series third article. The first chapter introduces the microarchitecture model, compares it with the monomorphic model, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using the micro service architecture. The second article describes how the use of micro service architecture application client […]

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