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MesosCon Summary | Apple, Bloomberg, Netflix Mesos use experience sharing

The MesosCon 2015 came to an end, with more than 700 participants, three times last year, and speakers from both the world's large and heavyweight companies. In the past few years, it can be said that Twitter is the biggest user of Apache Mesos, and at this year's conference, Apple, Bloomberg, Netflix, Verizon, PayPal and […]

Fenzo: Mesx scheduler from Netflix based on the Java language

[Editor's Note] Fenzo is a universal task scheduler applied on the Mesos framework. It allows you to achieve through a variety of optimization strategy plug-ins to optimize the task scheduling, while also conducive to the automatic scaling of the cluster. Netflix has millions of users, it is not easy to provide reliable service for this […]

OpenStack, Kubernetes, Mesos Who is the main ups and downs?

[Editor's Note] After the change, by the server, network and storage slowly formed a modern IT building, which will eventually be the level of software control? Will it be OpenStack (Virtualization Monster VMware also incorporates this technology)? Or will it be an application scheduling framework, Mesos (developed from AMPLab at Berkeley, California)? Will it be […]

Flexible integration of Apache Mesos with Apache Kafka framework

[Editor's Note] This article by Mesosphere's Derrick Harries and Kafka project code submitted by Joe Stein co-wrote, describes how to integrate Mesos and Kafka to simplify the management and configuration of massive flow data. Kafka and Mesos are well-known and successful Apache projects, each of which is supported by a large community, and companies such […]

Try to run your Mesos cluster in Docker

[Editor's Note] This article describes the installation of Apache Mesos in Docker, Mesos official website provides the installation package to run it directly, but the text attempts to use Docker to run Mesos, Mesosphere also provides the corresponding mirror. Running Mesos in Docker also has its benefits that readers can try under. Many people have […]

US telecom giant Verizon based on Mesos and container practical experience

This article describes how telecom giant Verizon is using Mesos and container technology to transform its original data center into a modernized data center with automation, high utilization, and high operational efficiency. It is said that its data center resource utilization can be increased to 50% to 60%, and the scene demonstrated in 72 seconds […]

"Mesos: Big Data Resource Scheduling and Best Practices for Large-Scale Container Operation" – Chapter 1: Running Mesos

This chapter briefly introduces the Apache Mesos and the cluster computing framework, and will explain how to build Mesos on single nodes and multi nodes. But also about how to use Vagrant on Amazon EC2 to build Mesos cluster. This book will be used throughout the two terms Apache Mesos and Mesos. This chapter includes […]

Based on Docker to build a single node Mesos / Marathon cluster quickly

[Editor's Note] This tutorial introduces the steps to quickly build a single-node Mesos / Marathon cluster on a stand-alone using Docker. Compared to other similar projects, kiwenlau / single-mesos is the simplest – it runs all the components of the cluster in the same Docker container. In addition, the author through the practice of Docker […]

Talk about Apache Mesos and Mesosphere DCOS: history, architecture, development and application

[Editor's note] Mesos is a very young open source project, what is its idea? What is its overall structure and service object? Based on this Mesosphere DCOS is how to locate the author of these topics on the discussion The History of Mesos Mesos is a research project of the University of Berkeley in 2009, […]

Mesos can now run on windows?

Mesos can now run on windows? 2015-09-22 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 1 reply Xds2000 Digital Technology Agree from: xianlubird can.

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