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Docker, Mesos and Marathon analysis and entry combat

In the traditional service model, you can imagine the server is the IT pet (Pets), give them names, and carefully raised, when they are sick, you have to him They cure. In the new form of application service model, the virtual machine is seen as the bull in the farm, the names are usually numbered, […]

I have experience running Docker containers on Mesos

[Editor's Note] The following blog is from John Omernik, who is Big Data Analytics Data Enthusiast and VP, or Zions Bank's Fraud Center of Excellence manager, Zions Bank is the top financial services company. In this blog, the author shares how he uses new technologies such as Mesos and Docker to use the MapR file […]

SAMI: Docker and Mesos-based container solutions from Samsung (1)

[Editor's note] Today's container technology is like the year's virtual-level technology, changing the IT industry's work. The end of May this year, Samsung launched its own open source platform SAMI, with the development of the platform, resulting in a series of problems, under the heat of the container, Samsung chose to follow the trend, turned […]

SAMI: Solutions from Samsung-based Docker and Mesos Containers (2)

In the "SAMI: Samsung-based Docker and Mesos-Contained Container Solutions (I)" , we mentioned that it is challenging to provide a stable, secure and flexible IT environment for modern IoT services like SAMI The Now let's explore how to use Mesos and Docker to solve these problems. At the beginning, we decided to build an automated […]

Meso + ZooKeeper + Marathon + Docker Distributed Deployment Build PaaS Cloud Platform Practice (1)

[Editor's Note] This article first gives a distributed deployment process, in the completion of this distributed deployment process took me a weekend time, because the domestic almost did not find a distributed deployment of the practice process records, I hope my practice Can be interested in the small partners in the distributed deployment to provide […]

CNUTCon: domestic large-scale Internet company container application case sharing

The CNUTCon Global Container Technology Conference is the top container technology event hosted by InfoQ, which aims to promote the development and application of container technology. CNUTCon is a two-day, high-end technical staff interested in container technology. The conference focuses on technology to help participants understand the open source project and technology stack so that […]

Mesos, Omega and Borg What are the differences between the three systems?

[Editor's note] Google recently announced that they have a crown gem in the field of system infrastructure: Borg , a cluster scheduler. This prompted me to reread the Meso and Omega papers on the same subject. I think this kind of system to do a comparison will be very interesting. Mesos is well known for […]

Mesosphere and Microsoft cooperation, Mesos will visit the Windows platform

Mesosphere and Microsoft cooperation, the Mesos ported to Windows, Mesos can run on Windows Server! Mesosphere is a company that is committed to building a centralized "data center operating system" based on the Mesos project, and the first demo of Mesos running on the Windows Server 2016 preview release. Microsoft recently released a preview version […]

What are the changes in the container market for half a year?

[Editor's Note] As the container market grows rapidly, each industry supplier is rapidly iterating in this area to provide new features. In fact, because the development is too fast, the views of this article is likely to be out of date after two months. Two months ago I attended 2015 DockerCon in San Francisco, and […]

Autodesk based on Mesos and Kafka's common event system architecture

[Editor's note] I really like this blog because it reveals many simple architecture modules – for example: Mesos, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Akka, Splunk, Librato and EC2 can be integrated to solve practical problems. And a small team can get a very surprising achievement. A few months ago I was assigned a new task to come up […]

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