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DockOne micro letter sharing (eleven): Hujiang containerized operation and maintenance practice

Consul + Consul Template + Nginx Implementing Service Automatic Discovery and Registration; Prometheus + Grafana + Nullx Implementing Service Automatic Discovery and Registration; Prometheus + Grafana + Alertmanager alarm to achieve container monitoring alarm. This share will be explained from the following aspects: Choose the container technology reasons Container technology selection Container storage Container network […]

Marathon do high when available, how many marathons are registered in mesos What is the framework ID that exists?

2017-05-10 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 2 replies Wisen We agreed from: We now encounter a problem, two marathon do high availability, the main switch to switch, the failure, the node can not get the main node that framework ID, so take […]

DockOne Share (11: 9): Elastic-Job-Cloud Work Cloud in Dangdang's SRE Practice

【Editor's Note】 This is for the audience interested in Mesos and SRE. With the container technology in the country continued to popular, the focus has been from the container technology itself to the operation and maintenance aspects of the gradual transition, Google has been Amway's SRE experience just fit the operation and maintenance of this […]

Talk about Mesos Health Check (Native Health Check)

Mesos 1..2.0 is about to be released, this version will have a very comprehensive health check-related function. But do you know that the number of cloud Mesos open source scheduler Swan at the beginning of the design has been aware of the Marathon health check. While the interface is compatible with Marathon, user-friendly migration from […]

Unicom "Temple" platform, Zhejiang Mobile "elephant can dance", I may have participated in a fake MesosCon

We have participated in a lot of today, after listening to today's MesosCon can be described as bright spots, as in March San Francisco's SRECon like style Qingqi "SRECon Day1 | compared to dry goods full, More attractive to me is the style of Qing Qi "- Unicom's" Temple "platform, Zhejiang Mobile Topic" elephant can […]

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