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Where to use Mesos and Docker to build the dev-beta environment

[Editor's Note] This article is the @Container container technology conference · Beijing station where the network to bring the share – where the network using Mesos and Docker to build dev-beta environment . The article introduces some of the problems and solutions encountered in the construction of the dev-beta environment using Mesos and Docker, and […]

Practice of Dock 's Public Dormer

[Editor's note] This article is @Container container technology conference · Beijing station Sina brings share – Sina public cloud Docker choreography practice . This paper introduces the experience of Sina in Docker arrangement and the problems encountered in DCP system based on Docker container hybrid cloud architecture . Hello everyone, this shared theme is microblogging […]

A cloud of summer is a song of Docker & Mesos

The last talk about the container technology poem and the distance or the spring of April, and now, the summer has been quietly to. At the end of the "DockerCon 2016" conference in Seattle, Swarm's native choreography is highly praised, and some can not help but worry about Mesos going In July, Let us come […]

Moving the Data Center Operating System (DCOS)

First, the practice background 1.1 existing network production system problems In the provinces and cities of China Mobile, because of technical iteration, equipment updates, equipment, complex, x86 servers, VMware virtual machines, OpenStack virtual machines and different manufacturers of physical machines (such as IBM Power server), equipment and systems vary, Can not be integrated. In the […]

Docker & Mesos

The first event after the establishment of the China Open Source Cloud Container Working Group – Dialogue Docker & Mesos Salon event came to an end. Hot summer arrived, but everyone for the enthusiasm of the technology, the day the venue full of activities, the atmosphere is very warm, a few people this cloud with […]

The first time | digital cloud total architect interpretation Mesos1.0.0

July 17, 2016 Apache Community released Apache Mesos 1.0.0, which is a milestone event for Apache Mesos. Compared to the previous version, 1.0.0 first improved with the docker integration, abandoned the docker daemon; Second, the new version to vigorously promote the interface to solve the problem of standardization, the new HTTP API allows developers to […]

Celebrate Apache Mesos Release 1.0: The Best Cluster Management Solution in the World to the Next Level

After several years of support for the world's most innovative and demanding applications, Apache Mesos has now ushered in version 1.0. In fact, the development and maturity of Mesos is much faster than its version change – otherwise it can not support important projects such as Apple Siri, Twitter and our own DC / OS […]

Everything can be modular – Mesos architecture to explore the road

This article is the Mesos enthusiast Huang Haosong on July 23, several people cloud dialogue Docker & Mesos salon activities to do the record. Huang Haosong in the Mesos community is very active, he traveled thousands of miles from Singapore, and share with you a deep interpretation of Mesos. I am happy to share with […]

Mesosphere cooperates with its data partners in the container 2.0 era and on the DC / OS

[Editor's Note] This article is the introduction of Mesosphere's data partner and DC / OS in the container 2.0 era in its official blog. Today we announced that we have joined the industry leader Confluent and DataStax to integrate their products with business support into DC / OS. This important milestone has been further explained […]

Practice sharing of enterprise – based mobile applications based on Mesos and Docker

This article was compiled by Li Jiaqing on January 24, 2016.Container Container Technology Conference · Beijing station Liu Chao 's speech "collar cloud based on Mesos and Docker enterprise-class mobile application practice sharing" finishing. Compared to ordinary applications, mobile applications are more complex. As mentioned above, the phone can be connected to the intelligent hardware, […]

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