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Technical practice | Mesos omnidirectional "cooking" guide

Today's articles related to Mesos are endless, but it is quite rare to show the complete infrastructure that can be used directly in production. In today's article, I will introduce the configuration and use of the components, designed to help you use Mesos to build a continuous delivery and fault tolerance of the runtime platform. […]

Several people cloud | distributed architecture practice of Shenzhen about, do not live in the spring

Several people cloud technology sharing class from the first phase of the "Hold live high concurrent, only the structure and operation and maintenance can not live up to" to the second phase of "advanced million behind the architectural practice", invited a line of Internet finance, Of the structure, operation and maintenance of Daniel to share […]

Single node mesos + marathon + zookeeper

1, the environment: ubuntu: 15.10 (because the source of apt-get only support 15.04, so today only use source installation) Node ip: 2, install a third party package Apt-get install -y autoconf libtool build-essential python-dev python-boto libcurl4-nss-dev libsasl2-dev libsasl2-modules maven libapr1-dev libsvn-dev 3, install mesos: Wget http://mirror.bit.edu.cn/apach … ar.gz Or git clone https://github.com/apache/mesos.git (version 0.29) […]

Some questions about mesos resource allocation

Before studying mesos, has been using YARN. YARN, each frame of the AM to the RM to apply for resources, and then RM in the resource scheduling module (CapacityScheduler / FairScheduler) according to the scheduling strategy to allocate resources; AM from the RM to get resources, start Container to perform the task. And Mesos, according […]

Lao Xiao has something to say @ Mesos User Group fourth date

April 17, Mesos enthusiasts in Beijing P2 joint venture office ushered in the fourth Mesos User Group dating, from the IBM, where to network, OneAPM, and several cloud of senior technical experts were wonderful to share, at the end of the event, Lao Xiao Mesos technology development in the key issues to do a summary. […]

Mesos across network segments

In the docker container to install Mesos cluster (the host in the container to install Mesos-master, Marathon, Zookeeper), installed in the host Mesos-slave container can be found by the master, in the cross-network machine can not be installed in the Mesos-master Is it possible to configure? 2016-04-18 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter […]

Open source DC / OS Introduction: The best operating platform for the container

[Editor's Note] DC / OS is a complete set of open source software projects, with Apache Mesos, Marathon and many other technical achievements to build the foundation. In the face of changing application operational requirements, community-based DC / OS is not only powerful, easy to manage, but also respect the contributions of donors to respond […]

Record Share | IBM Motor: Kubernetes / Swarm on Mesos

April 17, Mesos enthusiasts in Beijing P2 joint venture office ushered in the fourth Mesos User Group dating, the following is from IBM motor sharing record. Author: Motors, IBM Senior Software Engineer, Kubernetes / Mesos Code Contributor. Very happy to participate in this event, before I have been engaged in distributed computing; from the master […]

Docker under dc / os for advanced installation

This is my first wrote at http://www.cnblogs.com/jackluo/p/5431730.html this above, today there is a bit network bit to remind, I think it should also tribute about dockone, after all, I often Which read some of the above articles, I copied, there is a question message Kazakhstan: DC / OS Https://dcos.io this is the official website Kazakhstan […]

The position of the constul in the mesos architecture

There is a set of architecture is this: Assuming that each service is a host, bamboo and haproxy on the same host Mesos + marathon + zookeeper + bamboo (auto discovery) + haproxy Host 1: mesos marathon Host 2: zookeeper Host 3: bamboo + haproxy And later heard of the consul this thing, probably understand […]

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