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Deploy the Mesos cluster through the Docker

[Editor's Note] The Apache Mesos system is a set of resource management scheduling cluster system that can be used to manage the Docker cluster, another way. This article describes how to deploy a single node and multi-node Mesos cluster through the Docker container. The whole process is very simple, Only seven commands can be completed, […]

What is the difference between Apache's Mesos and Google's Kubernetes?

[Editor's Note] This article comes from StackOverFlow on a question, mainly to discuss the difference between Mesos and Kubernetes, I believe many of us have the same question. Kubernetes developer Craig answered the question, and masi also made an overview, not necessarily for the reader's reference. Kubernetes are primarily targeted at container clusters, and Mesos […]

Mesosphere joins Kubernetes to embrace the Google Cloud Platform

[Editor's note] Cluster management services Mesos was first proposed by the University of Berkeley, later introduced into the production environment by Twitter, and as a basis for building a resource management platform. Mesosphere is built on the basis of Mesos, which can support the deployment and management of different distributed services on the same cluster. […]

Some ideas about Apache Mesos

[Editor's Note] This article briefly introduces Mesos and Myriad projects that blend Mesos and YARN. The text has a nice metaphor to explain Mesos 'resource handling, and Mesos' resource processing is like parenting a child's birthday party … I am concerned about Apache Mesos for a long time. Apache Mesos started from the research paper […]

Analyze Docker Swarm and Mesos: What is it? How to combine What are the advantages?

This article from Mesosphere, starting from the needs of the production environment, briefly describes the birth of Docker Swarm background, and its relationship with Mesos, Mesosphere DCOS, but also describes the Mesosphere management of large-scale container and its way And how Swarm is combined. Docker Chief Technology Officer Solomon Hykes said that Mesos is the […]

Mesos vs OpenStack? Who is the future of a private cloud?

[Editor's note] This article is a question on Quora , the questioner for the future development trend of private cloud is puzzled, Mesos and OpenStack relationship is what, whether they can replace each other? Experts from Mesosphere and Rackspace have interpreted this issue from the functions and product positioning of OpenStack and Mesos. The relationship […]

Cassandra on Mesos with Docker

[Editor's Note] Distributed systems are difficult to understand, design, build and manage, and Apache Mesos can run a variety of distributed systems on cluster machines and efficiently share resources. Marathon is a mesos framework that supports running long service. This article describes how to run Docker's Cassandra cluster on Mesos, which is recommended. aims We […]

Continued delivery series (1): use Docker, Mesos to achieve continuous delivery

[Editor's Note] This article focuses on how to build a continuous integration environment for Node.js applications. Including how to set up a Node.js application on the development machine and how to deploy the Jenkins and Docker registry for continuous integration. It is recommended that students who are interested in using Docker's CI work, CI is […]

Continued Delivery Series (2): Use Docker, Mesos to achieve continuous delivery

[Editor's Note] This article focuses on the construction of Mesos and Marathon and how to complete the entire process of continuous delivery, as well as follow-up can also do what improvements and enhancements. After the completion of the entire system, the application code changes will automatically trigger the Jenkins build process, a few seconds later, […]

What is the difference between Mesos and kubernetes? Comparison of advantages and disadvantages

2015-04-08 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 1 reply Xiaolu – Skylark technology market, Container technology daily operation. Agree from: Zhu Bingbing , YoungLiu You can look at Stackoverflow's discussion on this issue . By the end of last year, Mesos and Kubernetes […]

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