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DaoCloud Toolbox officially released, to enhance the domestic user Docker experience

What is DaoCloud Toolbox? DaoCloud Toolbox consists of a series of Linux command line tools and background services, is a integrated Docker Hub download acceleration, Docker host garbage collection, hybrid container management and other functions in a tool software. Tool 1: Docker Accelerator Upgrade DaoCloud launched in early 2015 Docker accelerator to provide Docker Hub […]

How to use Docker open source repository to create proxy cache repository

One of the latest features of the open source Docker repository v2 : can be used as a proxy cache repository to cache mirroring on the Docker Hub. Running a cache repository allows you to store images locally and reduce excessive mirroring from the Docker Hub over the Internet, a feature that is useful for […]

Docker deployed SDN environment

Thanks to the author's submission. Preface In May, when I was a college student, a friend asked me, you have to study Docker? At that time I did not even know what Docker was. After Google, interested in Docker, but has no time to learn. This week has finally included the study plan in Todolist. […]

Why CoreOS and Docker break up is destined

This article was translated from Why Docker and CoreOS 'split was predictedable , the original author Daniel Compton. Chinese translation from the seven cattle cloud storage , DockerOne based on the translation of the seven cattle clouds were sorted out. Wayne Gretzky once said, " I've always slipped to the point where the ice hockey […]

Docker publishes new cross-container distributed application choreography services

On Dec. 4, Docker announced the release of a cross-container distributed application choreography service that enables developers and operators to create and manage next-generation portable distributed applications. A new generation of distributed applications is made up of Independent and interoperable Docker containers, they have a dynamic lifecycle and can run in any way in a […]

No container for Docker: pulldocker and CVFS introduced

We think the container is a great idea, and Docker has a huge warehouse, anyone can download useful applications from the Docker Hub free of charge. We want to help the Docker application run in more places, which is why we released the pulldocker and a new highly efficient and minimalist virtual file system driver. […]

Advancing Docker Security: Docker 1.4.0 and 1.3.3 Released

Docker 1.4 Aspects, as DockerCon said on Solomon, the version is focused on bug fixes and platform stability and security. Docker official news describes in detail the version of the improved information, this article is DockerOne translation of official news. We are very pleased to announce the release of Docker Engine 1.4 today. What is […]

Logging of Docker containers is centralized

[Editors] loggly is an enterprise-class business management tool, which is based on the cloud log processing services, the machine can generate log files, and sorted into a searchable format. This article describes how to use loggly to manage Docker logs. Docker is increasingly being applied to distributed applications. Because Docker containers can isolate dependencies and […]

Talk about Docker's business model

From the technical point of view, Docker is undoubtedly remarkable, such as "write once run anywhere", simplifying the CI / CD, more efficient than the VM and so on. The author thinks that it is even more daunting that Docker's business model, which is from the open source business model. What is the profitability of […]

The MySQL data directory is mounted on the Docker host and the container automatically exits

MySQL data directory mounted on the host, the container automatically exit, unmount, normal operation, is this what is the reason, how to solve? 2014-12-03 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 4 replies Xds2000 Digital Technology Agree from: jamlee Here's the problem, I can […]

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