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Turn over the corners: What does container technology bring to cloud computing?

This two years of container technology and its related tools, the platform is extremely hot. In the major technical forums or cloud computing summit issues, will account for a large proportion of the mainstream cloud computing platform, without exception, quickly provided a container service. From 2014 or earlier, experts have foreseen that Docker / container […]

Cloud computing and Cloud Native | Digital cloud CEO Wang Pu @ KVM sharing record

Today, the fractional and give you a share of dry goods full share – from the KVM community online group to share the record, sharing guests is the number of cloud CEO Wang Pu, entitled "cloud computing and Cloud Native". This is the number of people in the KVM community to share the first bomb, […]

Cloud computing talk

Cloud computing is an Internet-based service-related increase, usage, and delivery model that typically involves the use of the Internet to provide dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources. Cloud computing will provide an unprecedented way of working to lead new technology changes and IT service models. Cloud computing is the interconnection of IT resources, the industry […]

How do I get the docking machine's instant io speed?

Such as starting container A (no mount directory), how do you view the io speed of the container on the physical machine? The docker stats command does not work, and the output of the I / O information is the cumulative size, not the speed.

Netease video cloud: Tachyon super light speed file system

Tachyon file system was born in the famous berkeley AMPLab (amplab.cs.berkeley.edu), the word Tachyon means superluminal particles, highlighting the excellent performance of the file system, the project recently received a $ 36 million A $ 36 million A round of investment. Department of famous door, name domineering, favored by investors, Tachyon in the end is […]

Netease video cloud expert sharing: Apache kylin profile

"Apache Kylin is an open source Distributed Analytics Engine from eBay Inc. that provides SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) on Hadoop care extremely large datasets". Apache kylin (kylin) is ebay Chinese team open source based on hadoop olap system, support for SQL interface, can handle large data sets. The current popular SQL-on-Hadoop program needs […]

NetEase video cloud experts to share: talk Chinese word segmentation

A background ________________________________________ US guy Tom has been in China for half a year, since that Chinese has been good, wanted to test their own level in the end how high So, he received the following such a question, please say the following two differences in the title where: 1, winter: how much to wear […]

Netease video cloud: based on fuse file system optimization method summary

At present, many file systems based on Fuse ( http://fuse.sourceforge.net/ ) development, the author in-depth study of Fuse code, summed up the development of such a file system can be considered when the optimization program, come up with discussion and discussion, if any Not accurate place, but also hope that we have educated us. Before […]

NetEase video cloud: different implementation plan Mysql multi-table update results inconsistent phenomenon

A bit of time in the case of the predecessors of the company's predecessors in the code note left a funny SQL sparked my interest in the coincidence and found whether to build the index, the establishment of what kind of index will lead to update the results of the statement is inconsistent The Then […]

Netease video cloud: distributed storage replication technology – chain replication

In distributed systems, strong consistency is often considered to be highly available and highly incompatible, and in order to achieve a high availability of the system, high throughput must sacrifice strong consistency. For example, in the Amazon Dynamo to provide the ultimate consistency, but this actually gives developers a lot of problems [0] • The […]

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