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Have you used Drone to do CI and CD?

Recently in the study of how to use Drone to do CI / CD, suffering Drone related documents not much, encountered a lot of pit, I do not know which great God have experience. Our aim is to build a set of CI / CD integrated development system, the basic process is as follows: Gitlab […]

Run continuous integration / persistent deployment through the Docker container

[Editor's Note] For Docker mainstream application scenarios: continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI / CD) we may not unfamiliar. This article from a unique perspective on how to use a variety of cloud platform to build their own CI / CD containers, the author also extended their own Gitlab CI engine, CI students interested in […]

DockOne Technology Sharing (9): Continuous Integration and "Cloud"

[Editor's Note] Today's topic is that continuous integration and "cloud", the main part is my previous two years of work and some of my personal thinking. This topic I talked about in the ruby ​​conference in China, slides here for reference, but now the content of the recent changes in the work of more than […]

Use Docker, Maven, Jenkins to achieve CI

Docker's time is not very long at the time of writing this article, although it is not long enough to look at it, so some of the content mentioned here may be somewhat out of sync with the current development of Docker, plus translation On the clumsy, a lot of things are not clear. In […]

Container era, is this what we want the future?

[Editor's Note] The following is the founder of CircleCI Paul Biggar to answer a dialogue with a visitor, the conclusion is to do their own software deployment and maintenance costs are enormous. There is no lack of self-built environment Tucao, of course, as the founder of CircleCI, this document is to let everyone use CircleCI […]

Container era, this is really what we want the future!

【Editor's Note】 Because of the last container era, is this what we want the future? Strong response, CircleCI founder Paul Biggar again wrote this article. This article is also a lot of knowledge points, sharp words, you can see Paul Biggar is a profound understanding of the software industry figures. Everyone has a different view […]

Continuous Integration Case Study: Docker, Java and Maven

For the enterprise that uses the Java technology stack, Maven is often the core tool for its continuous integration, and how to build the Docker image into the traditional Maven-based continuous integration in the current Docker movement What about the process? Alooma has shared the experience of using Maven to continuously integrate Docker mirroring in […]

Intercom's ongoing deployment practices: 100 times a day, 10 minutes a day

[Editor's Note] This blog post shared the experience and experience of Intercom's ongoing deployment. Intercom began to identify the importance of ongoing deployment from 10 times a day in 2002 to 100 deployments this year, and has accumulated a wealth of experience and has a deep understanding of the ongoing deployment, although this article does […]

DockOne Technology Sharing (XXVI): ZTEsoft Based on Jenkins and Docker's CI Practice

[Editor's Note] This sharing comes from four aspects: Jenkins-based CI process, Docker-based application publishing, Dubbo-based cross-host container connectivity, difficulties and perspectives. Based on Jenkins' CI process Everything starts in April 2013, and when I came back from Venezuela in April, I immediately went to the end of a large back-end construction project for a domestic […]

Container private cloud and continuous release to solve the basic problems of the first episode

outline: 1. Is the container or the roll mounted? 2. Host Networking or Bridge Networking? 3. Does the container have a fixed IP? 4. How does the container get the IP of the host? 5. Is Apache Mesos or Google K8s? 6. How is the log collected? 7. How to ensure that download mirror download […]

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