Sudoku technology goddess and flower can not live up to – Mother's Day Women's special salon

April Xiu Man, May Ming Ming Wan Hui Zheng Yan in the early summer we have ushered in a dedicated female festival Mother's Day afternoon, we have a technical share here, the workplace sentiment, there are afternoon tea, and flowers … … The

At that time we will invite from the Internet companies and traditional enterprises of the operation and maintenance, development, architecture and other technical positions of female engineers to share their workplace and work in the sentiment.
If you want to know how women in the technical field break out in the majority of male jobs, if you want to learn how to plan your own technical career, or if you want to share and how to balance life and work experience, you are welcome Share the exchange.

Then we will go to the well-known domestic flower teacher to lead everyone to spend flowers learning, more personally for the mother to produce a special gift Oh!

Share guests

Bai Yannan domestic well-known electric business company female PE, in response to production business failure to protect the business system stability, support 618 double 11 promotion, have a certain understanding of devops, participate in the operation and maintenance of automated platform development and automated process design.

Liu Zheng senior software development engineer, 5 years experience in system background development, worked in the redhat tool development group, with python, golang, nodejs development experience, love open source technology. Currently working in a few people cloud, engaged in cloud computing pass platform core product development.


Li Jiarui Orange Interactive Founder, Nodejs Robot Framework wechaty Developer Community Promoter, python Robot Framework weixinbot Developer Community Promoter.
Jazz dancers, amateur time to create dance video teaching from the media "dancing miles". Six months of the original video network broadcast nearly 10 million. Many times by the United States, Tencent video, B station, Youku rated as popular selection.

Time: May 14, 2017 (Mother's Day) Afternoon Location: Education Room The Crib Chunxiu Road, North Building, No. 1


13: 30-14: 00 check in

14: 00-14: 10 opening

14: 10-14: 40 women's operation and maintenance personnel of the workplace planning – Jingdong financial white sub-Nan

14: 40-15: 10 a woman coder self-cultivation – a few people cloud Liu Zheng

15: 10-15: 40 female program line with the WeChat robot dance road – orange interaction Li Jia Rui

15: 40-16: 00 live communication

16: 00-17: 00 live floral teaching


The event was supported by the IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Women's Engineers Association (WIE). The association is the world's largest organization of science and technology professionals dedicated to promoting women's participation in engineering and science, and is committed to providing a platform for women engineers and scientists to communicate and develop.

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