Several people cloud container management tool Crane is now open source

This is a bloated era of container information.
Docker whale drums round the belly in Seattle opened a conference called DockerCon2016, the world's 4,000 people to participate in, 8 big surprise to keep the container ecology more Imagine.
Several people cloud has been focused on the enterprise-class Mesos + container technology stack, out of the new technology for the container of love, we in the community version of the tool on the small test chopper, DockerCon2016 has been past 83 days, from the look at the understanding to the depth Research, and then open the closed beta, unknowingly to the school army training season.


Fork me on Github, Crane open source!

Last week (September 6) several people cloud recruits Crane in DockOne and WeChat and other channels invited instructors review, received a wave of review applications, the first appearance of DockOne Crane heart is apprehension, but fortunately there are so many Docker senior instructors give love, instructors like to study new technologies, enjoy the pleasure of technology updates, which is also a few people cloud research Swarm, released Crane's original intention, want to help developers with a certain container development experience in the first time experience New features of Docker.

Review the four days, received a lot of valuable feedback (feedback award has been announced, please stamp view Duijiang information), to improve the Crane very helpful, so the instructor moved An idea: open source, right, code open source, so that more instructors and comrades involved in the number of people Crane Crane this thriving can thrive you up greatly, Crane want to become Super Star 🙂
Fork me on Github ( ), welcome to contribute Star & Fork, let container management no longer make wheels!

About Mesos, K8S, Swarm of the Three Kingdoms

Container system for Docker has been a variety of hot, but the technology is technology, no doubt, Docker technology is indeed a new technology, which is also widely concerned about the container arrangement, Mesos, K8S, Swarm tripartite, each has its advantages.

Swarm saved in Docker1.12

The following from the number of cloud engineers note <br /> Docker technology concerned about the small partners should be clear Docker 1.12 Swarm mode controversial:
First, some people think that Docker's Market Drive Develop, contrary to the philosophy of the Linux believers abide by – a tool only one thing;
Secondly, some people think that the function of Swarm mode less than Mesos and K8S, is not suitable for the production environment to use, which I think the biggest problem is not the function, stability is Swarm is not suitable for the production environment;
Finally, Docker's backward compatibility is also caused by numerous saliva, after all, Docker is still active develop. Other standards like the container network, Runc controversy put Docker pushed to the cusp. Of course, no doubt, I believe Docker to provide us with more than the front of these.
– Crane instructor Tao Baba

Docker Swarm main function or is a reference to the "ancient times" of several products, absorbing the excellent experience of predecessors. Let me put a few cattle coax function for everyone:
1. built-in Raft, my mother no longer have to worry about I have to rely on Zookeeper, Etcd, Consul, and light the deployment of these things to waste my day plus three machines.
2. Do not distinguish between the management node and the Worker node, who wants to let anyone on the guess is the reference to the people Nomad it, the key can run Promote, Demote, too convenient.
3. Service, Stack plus DAB, used to say good and convenient.
4. Rolling Update, Scale a Service, gray release minutes to get (although a bit tasteless), this needless to say is also borrowed from the K8S.
– Crane instructor

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