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Quick reference

What is Rakudo Star?

Rakudo Star is a Perl 6 distribution designed for use by early adopters of the language. It includes a virtual machine (the JVM or MoarVM), the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler, and a suite of modules that users may find useful. This image includes the MoarVM backend for the compiler.

Project homepage: http://rakudo.org

GitHub repository: https://github.com/rakudo/star

The Dockerfile responsible: http://github.com/perl6/docker/tree/master/Dockerfile

Perl 6 Language Specification: http://design.perl6.org/

Perl 6 Language Documentation: http://doc.perl6.org/

How to use this image

Simply running a container with the image will launch a Perl 6 REPL:

$ docker run -it rakudo-star
> say 'Hello, Perl!'
Hello, Perl!

You can also provide perl6 command line switches to docker run:

$ docker run -it rakudo-star -e 'say "Hello!"'

Contributing/Getting Help

Many Perl 6 developers are present on #perl6 on Freenode.

Issues for Rakudo are tracked in RT: https://rt.perl.org/


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