Meetup Beijing | DevOps & SRE goes beyond traditional operation and maintenance

Several people cloud and excellent peacekeeping technology of the two Pharaoh and Tencent beam similar to Shenzhen,
Have a depth of sharing on Devops & SRE floor practice,
The atmosphere is very warm;
With everyone's expectations,
Initiated by the Mesozoic technology community,
We will "DevOps & SRE beyond the traditional operation and maintenance of the Road" topic in Beijing to continue.

Qiu Gaochuan @ number of people cloud, Huang Xingling @ Youwei technology, any hair (net name often new lay) and Wang a male @ Baidu,
Four industry Daniel technology gathered,
Combined with the traditional operation and maintenance of the status quo and practice cases,
About DevOps & SRE's transcendence.

Guest introduction

Qiu Gaochuan several people cloud product director

Formerly Distributed Architecture Platform Technology Product Manager, responsible for the only product infrastructure part of the distributed service architecture, timing task scheduling system and container management platform, 16 years of IT veterans, in addition to sales and the role of the boss, done IT Of the various roles, walk between the architecture and products. Concerned about the practice of container technology such as Docker, Mesos and so on. The leading distributed service framework has been widely used in the core products will be the only major business, high performance, low latency acclaimed.


Huang Xingling Youwei Technology Senior Solution Architect Eight years of experience in operation and maintenance, 13 years to 15 years in China Mobile is responsible for the operation and maintenance structure. At present in the excellent peacekeeping technology is responsible for power, finance and other industries as a whole solution architecture, such as the national grid and so on. Obtained DevOps Master certification, in the power, communications, finance, the Internet industry DevOps landing practice has a wealth of experience.


He is a QS, TOP100Summit, TiD excellent lecturer, in recent years, the main concern and engaged in DevOps tool chain design and implementation, and long-term and focus on efficient R & D team components and management, translated as "DevOps, software architect action guide", "management 3.0: training and enhance agile leadership" and so on.


Wang Yibei Baidu R & D Tools Platform Senior Product Manager Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Master of Software Engineering, 10 years of software agile R & D management experience. Successively in the two listed companies to implement the rapid implementation of information technology tools based on the rapid transformation of research and development, and the success of the project based on information technology to achieve continuous improvement process.


13: 30-14: 00 check in
14: 00-14: 40 Huang Xingling Theme Sharing
14: 40-15: 20 Qiu Gachuan theme sharing
15: 20-16: 00 Any hair theme sharing
16: 00-16: 40 Wang Yi male theme to share
16: 40-17: 30 free communication

time and location

Time: June 10, 2017 pm 14: 00-17: 30
Location: 1 / F, Building 1, Microsoft Building, 5 Lam Lam Street, Haidian District, Beijing

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