Docker Compose starts error

Follow the official installation process to install DockerCompose, as follows:

  Curl -L'uname -s' - 'uname -m'> / usr / local / bin / docker-compose 

Chmod + x / usr / local / bin / docker-compose

When executing docker-compose –version:

  / Usr / local / bin / docker-compose: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token \ `newline ' 
/ Usr / local / bin / docker-compose: line 1: \ `<! DOCTYPE html> '`

Mistakes that there are spaces should be deleted, but are deleted there is still a mistake, because of this error, the implementation of docker-compose up will appear when this, I do not know there are heroes encountered this problem? Thank you. 2015-04-15 add comment share it

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    Forced to force Shaoxing – where to network Internet R & D engineers, docker hobbies

    Agree from: hesonglin

    You can cat / usr / local / bin / docker-compose look inside the content, it should be your first step from the github download failed. So docker-compose which is not executable code, but the wrong page code.

    Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.