Container technology · January issue: container technology and micro-service some of the thinking

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In the second half of last year, I had a short-term technical adviser to a start-up team who had just been very proud to say that their system used a micro-service architecture and supported Docker, and then Took some time to read their code, only to find that they understand the micro-service is nothing more than the original one of the large and complete Spring MVC project split into a lot of small projects only, and then they claim that this is a micro service and completely Regardless of whether the split size of these services is reasonable and the problem of coupling dependency, of course, the reason for this understanding may be related to their team's CTO is non-technical background, the developer will only Java and Spring MVC framework. But no matter how Zeyang, now the Internet industry, micro-service and the concept of the container has been deeply rooted, even if it is like this relatively thin technical pool business team also want to try.

In the past 2015, the container technology has been rapid development, to Docker, for example, has released from 1.5 to 1.9 five major versions, an increase of "read-only container", "ulimit support", "log drive", " Volume Plug-in "," Networking "and other new features, Docker Machine, Compose and Swarm Musketeers also entered the Product Ready stage. Correspondingly, there is no competition there is no development, as Docker competitors, CoreOS rkt, HyperHQ Hyper, etc. in 2015 also received a great development, let alone there are Kubernetes, Mesos and other third-party cluster choreography and Dispatching system in perfect container ecosystem. In contrast to this, the Open Container Initiativ (OCI), which was established in June last year, is also growing rapidly, with several IT & Internet giants joining the organization. Although the current Docker can be regarded as the de facto container technology standards, but a flower alone is not spring, how to maintain the process of competition in the technical standards of compatibility, to avoid fragmentation is OCI organization is one of the important purposes, So clear, only the source of living water, to maintain a competitive vitality have a better tomorrow.

Docker as the representative of the container based on Namespace do permission control, based on the cgroup to do the allocation of resources, coupled with the container ecosystem provides a more perfect for cluster distributed applications perfect support, this technical background determines the container technology in the Internet industry applications And cloud service bright prospects, especially with the industry now hot micro-service architecture model is the perfect partner. In fact, before the emergence of the container, it has been the concept of micro-service architecture, but the development of the past few years has been tepid, but also in 14, 15 years with the container gradually into the field of vision, due to container-specific resources And the ability to isolate capabilities, lightweight system overhead, reusability, portability, traceability and version of the mirror and other features, we realize that the container is a micro service architecture model has been looking for a good base, the development team Also easier to implement DevOps. In contrast to Monolith applications, micro services naturally support heterogeneous languages ​​and multiservice stacks, enabling many small and beautiful teams to develop their own capabilities, support "fragmentation" to drive system evolution and reduce risk of change. Corresponding to the problem is to increase the difficulty of operation and maintenance, and these are precisely the Docker and other containers can support the characteristics or can solve the problem, the two complement each other perfect match. At present, the micro service framework is also flourishing, Java field has Spring Boot / Cloud, Dubbox, Python has flask, Golang has Gokit and so on, but accordingly micro service architecture model for R & D team and technical architecture person in charge of the request also increased a lot, Technical reserve work is essential, that is, the saying goes, "no diamond, which dare to porcelain live", such as how to divide the service granularity, how to ensure that HA, after the rule of how to integrate the various micro-service to provide a unified service, and so the problem will float Water, there is how to Docker Fun to the superb is also a lot of teams need to consider the issue, we DockOne community in this regard is done a lot of this share, we can refer to reference.

The core technologies of Docker's bottom include namespaces, control groups, Union file systems, and container format. Currently in the namespace, especially the Net Namespace, User Namespace there is a great potential to dig, such as in the Docker V1.9 version provides a "docker network" command, and provides for cross-node communication of the official solution, An experimental version is also available on User Namespace.

Outlook 2016, to Docker as the representative of the container will continue to develop rapidly, such as continue to improve the Docker Registry V2 and network plug-ins, the aforementioned User Namespace feature will be officially available this year, so that everyone for the safe use of the container more at ease, Sexual aspects will continue to improve, from the development, testing and stage environment more and more into the formal production environment. Just a few days, "Star Wars 7: Force Awakening" is also in the domestic release, hope that the container technology and our DockOne community is also taking advantage of Star Wars 7 epic adventure new sailing time, open a new era.

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