Cloud help community version in November to upgrade, add 13 features to support Web, MySQL real-time performance analysis

13 new features, 18 middle level bug fixes, 12 document updates, cloud help community version ushered in November 2016 update file.

Cloudbang (cloud help)

Cloud help is a rain technology research and development based on a container technology application management platform. Community Edition For individuals, businesses are free and you are free to download and distribute. With it you can achieve:

  • Enterprise-class Docker management platform
  • Development, test environment CI / CD platform
  • Production environment operation and maintenance platform

Over the past three months, we have been in different industries, hundreds of business users in the cloud to help the community version of the installation, use and optimization of the configuration process encountered feedback and product recommendations. In this process, we found a lot of cloud to help the lack of products, but also feel the majority of users of our products to give high expectations.

Through this month of intense development and testing, we ushered in the cloud to help the community version of the updated version of the update in November. R & D team added 13 new features in this month, fixed 18 mid-level bugs and updated 12 maintenance documents. At the same time also in the code cloud Git submitted four service maintenance script.

Here we focus on some of the key new features and Bug for a detailed description:

New features

1. Support HTTP, MySQL protocol real-time performance analysis

The performance analysis mentioned in the cloud help platform refers to performance analysis at the business level, which is a unique feature of the cloud. At present, all levels of monitoring are very much, but most of the monitoring is still at the technical level, such as CPU, memory, disk IO, etc. These technical monitoring is useful, but when the service really problems, we from The bottom of the technical level to analyze, find the problem, and ultimately positioning the business layer. Therefore, the cloud from the business monitoring as the starting point, through the analysis of HTTP, MySQL and other protocols of the real-time request, through a flexible way to show a set of three-dimensional business monitoring system.

This month release support support HTTP, MySQL protocol performance analysis, follow-up will add Memcached, Redis, Mongodb and other protocols support.

HTTP performance analysis

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MySQL performance analysis

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For more information, see: Installing the Performance Analysis Module

2. Support from the Docker Registry import mirror and run in the platform

Cloud help is based on the container technology platform, of course, also support the mirror from the mirror into the warehouse. This month's new import mirroring feature supports any open Docker repository, and of course, if you are importing mirrors from the official Docker warehouse, please bring your own ladder or domestic acceleration service.

  • Import the image by creating a new application
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  • Mirror run parameter settings
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3. Add platform management configuration module, support platform custom configuration

This month, we have added a platform management module. Users can set up GitHub and GitLab to dock these third-party Git warehouses. It also supports changing the cloud-enabled community logo function to customize your dedicated PaaS platform.

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Note: Only the platform administrator can configure the platform management, by setting the /cadmin address.

Bug fix list

– Solve the problem of tag naming after importing Docker registry
– Update the openresty image to resolve containerized service compatibility issues
– Block the non-HTTP protocol to set the domain name of the external port function
– update mysql mirror, support mysql protocol performance analysis
– to solve the load balancing (openresty) image tag error (thanks cloud to help users: xdy)
– Troubleshoot the failure of the remote application market download service
– Optimize user interaction
– solve the installation of a dependency on the service, the pre-dependent service synchronization success, but can not start the problem.
– to solve the automatic registration of generic domain name invalid bug (thanks cloud help users: JCH)
– to solve the installation of the management background can not automatically create the database structure of the problem (thanks to cloud to help users: messi)
– Fixed bug where the user was already present when prompted to register multiple users. (Thanks to cloud help users: icoker)
– Shield Application Advanced page persistence type setting button
– repair Dockerfile built application code warehouse no Url problem
– Fixed bug where the cloud was connected to the remote service timeout
– optimize the service template import function (thanks to cloud to help users: butter fly)
– Fixed an issue where the connection variable was still displayed after the service was closed
– Fixed bug when the MySQL application installs the admin service when there is no phpMyAdmin application to jump to the blank page
– Change the address of the document and update the address link for all links in the product

November detailed features and Bug repair list see: cloud help update log

December version of the function notice

Next month is the last month of this year, but also cloud to help the community version released the fourth month, after a three-month update iteration, cloud help monthly version of the release will bring a dozen new features and bug fix The The last month we plan to make a huge change, the following to some small spoilers:

Support more operating systems

The November version of the cloud in the bottom of the service to do a huge adjustment, all the background services are carried out in a containerized package (in addition to docker, k8s, etcd), this change is mainly to reduce the complexity of the installation, But also for the next step to prepare for multi-operating system adaptation, currently only support Ubuntu 14.04, December update will be added CentOS 7 support.

Add application management features

The application in the current cloud is in the form of a list, when the user's application is too much, it is difficult to find the desired application, so in the new version will be added to the flexible application management functions to support application grouping and batch operations.


Cloud help products will be a product iteration once a week, the community version will not be released weekly, we will be unified in the monthly update of the community version of the installation package 25. If you need timely updates and professional services please buy our cloud help enterprise version

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