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How to let the docker run as a daemon / bin / bash

Ask you up to a question on the docker Kazakhstan. I would like to docker run time, with the-d parameter to run / bin / bash, and then let the bash has been running, I want to use when the docker attach up. But I ran a docker run -d …. / bin / bash, […]

Ubuntu can run CentOS on the docker

Such as title Ubuntu can run CentOS on the docker

Docker image built in the local success, but when running up, mirror the internal Mysql start error

docker version Client version: 0.9.1 Go version (client): go1.2.1 Git commit (client): 3600720 Server version: 0.9.1 Git commit (server): 3600720 Go version (server): go1.2.1 git clone cd docker-redmine docker build -t xx/redmine . docker logs -f $(docker run -d xx/redmine) User: root Password: eiThoo9iecoa sshd: started mysqld: ERROR (abnormal termination) See it Is mysqld […]

How does Docker and Vagrant choose a simple development environment?

Scenario 1: A single development environment Only a single language development, start a virtual machine, this situation docker occupation of resources will not be more? Scenario 2: Multi-environment development It is necessary to carry out php development, but also to the python, the two procedures need different environment, vagrant for the development of the need […]

Docker on Aliyun ECS

Can we run Docker on Aliyun cloud servers? Which Linux distribution works best there? Are there any tutorials?

Docker reported Error response from daemon: Unknown filesystem

surroundings: centos6.5 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6.x86_64 docker version **Client version: 1.1.2 Client API version: 1.13 Go version (client): go1.2.2 Git commit (client): d84a070/1.1.2 Server version: 1.1.2 Server API version: 1.13 Go version (server): go1.2.2 Git commit (server): d84a070/1.1.2** After using the docker build –rm -t aaa . Sending build context to Docker daemon 2.56 kB Sending build context […]

Can I use Docker on non-Linux operating systems?

Such as the title, as if Docker is based on Linux LXC technology to do, then the Mac has no way to compile the source code, etc. to run Docker? If it is Windows, no LXC, is not it can not use Docker? Brother is not familiar with Linux, but also please enlighten me, thanks […]

What applications can Docker bring?

Docker news is really ubiquitous recently, and CoreOS and ZeroVM news is also sporadic come out. Such as Docker's ecological maturity, will bring what is now or not only the edge of the application?

Python3 string, byte stream encoding problem

Is doing web crawlers, get a lot of characters into the following variable code, want to try to convert them to utf-8 string output to the file, the conversion is unsuccessful, the problem is as follows. #Python 3.4.0 #coding:utf-8 import os code = '\xe8\xb1\x86\xe7\x93\xa3' bytes = code.encode(encoding='utf-8') douban = str(bytes.decode('utf-8')) #print(str(bytes.decode('utf-8'))) file_object = open('test.txt', 'w') […]

Can docker assign independent IP to container?

Can docker assign independent IP to container? Can only port mapping?

Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.