Wizard cloud invited to participate in the 2017 global cloud computing open source summit

Author: Elf cloud

The "Global Cloud Computing Open Source Summit", hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, hosted by the China Information and Communication Research Institute and hosted by the Cloud Computing Open Source Industry Alliance, will be held at the National Convention Center from April 19 to 20, 2017. The summit will focus on virtualization and OpenStack, containers, large data, operation and maintenance and other open source technologies and industries, as well as open source management and other aspects.


As an enterprise-class container cloud service expert, Elven Cloud was invited to participate in this global cloud computing open source summit, in addition to participating in this summit, will also be in the financial industry forum to do the relevant theme of the speech report.

Ghostcloud wizard cloud was established in 2015, Chengdu High-tech Zone is the focus of support enterprises, is also the first domestic enterprises engaged in container virtualization research and development, with 12 patents and patents, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 double certification enterprises, but also Ali cloud Southwest's only Docker service provider and AWS core technology partner.

Elf Clouds independently developed a series of products based on Docker's PaaS / CaaS platform, including Ghostcloud Enterprise Container Cloud Platform EcOS, Container Scheduling Engine Newben, DevOps / Micro Service Enterprise Consulting Services, Mirror Acceleration (High-Speed ​​Mirroring Warehouse and Private Warehouse) Market (mass application of a key deployment), for enterprise-class industry customers for the Internet, private cloud management platform, large data business infrastructure platform services, enabling users to one-click quickly generated mobile Internet back-end applications and cloud Calculate the base application. After two years of development, Elven Cloud has dozens of cooperative enterprises, experienced over 500,000 deployments, deployed over 100,000 containers, in the manufacturing, finance, education, Internet and other industries are involved.

The following is the details of the Wizard Wizard, welcome to visit the site guidance.


Elf Cloud Detailed Participant Information Booth No .: B17
Lecture time: April 20, 2017 15: 30-15: 50
Lecture venue: Financial industry forum Speakers: Wizard Cloud CTO Quanyi guests Brief introduction:


Master of Computer Science and Technology; Master of Computer Science;
14 years experience in enterprise software development;
Symantec Global Platinum Award winner;
Docker and DevOps senior researchers;
Has worked for the world's top 500 Symantec (Veritas), as a technology leader in NAS and NBU core module research and development;
Has worked in the storage industry leading enterprises EMC, as a technology leader responsible for data storage protection one machine core research and development


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