What skills do you need to become a Docker Commiter?

RT, in addition to learning Go language, is not the need for a very in-depth understanding of the Linux kernel?
In addition, docker source is difficult to read it? 2015-04-12 add comment share it

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    Xiaolunsanguo – Jingdong Mall – the basic platform – JDOS team

    Agree from: w00194035 , stirlingx

    Docker source code is not so easy to imagine so difficult If you can understand Golang words, and understand some of Docker related technologies such as namespace, cgroup, etc., for the code is very useful.

    Read the code, know how Docker works, it's just the first layer.

    If you want to contribute, then you need more:

    First, you want an issue. That is, there is no bug in the existing docker code, or what kind of function do you want to give him rich? You can first put your issue on GitHub. Https://github.com/docker/docker/issues .

    Then, for this issue, if you think of a solution, it is the best of the. You can fork the Docker code and modify it in your own Docker library.

    Note that the key point to myself! Modify the finished, do not worry to submit pull request. You have to first format your code, regulate it. This is easier, with gofmt look like. And then to self-test. Docker has an integrated automated test inside. Direct make test on it. These are passed, self-check no problem. Okay, you can submit a pull request.

    GitHub community staff is very active, usually within a day or two to handle your pull request. According to community discussions and feedback, do the changes until merge.

    One up do not think will be able to contribute to the community a very NB function. It is best to start from a small point, such as a small mistake to start, slowly try. Hope to make progress with the landlord!

    Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.