What should Docker container translate? container? container?

This question is inspired by http://dockone.io/article/502 , I have shown my point of view in my reply:

As an individual who participated in the translation and publication of the "First Docker Book" last year, my view was that the container was translated as a "container". Insider that the other side of the "container" is more professional, but I do not know this shore and the other side as the same as Chinese, but it is simplified and positive, phonetic and phonetic division. As the other side of the print to print "print", you can not deny that we translated it as "print" is not professional bar

Translation of various technical vocabulary in your unity, if the "container" has become a widely accepted concept, why do another and a "wheel", so that readers confused it?

In addition, I also realized that Docker container has been highlighting their own light-weight, and "container" in terms of appearance, size point of view, are far from the light.

In summary, personally think that "container" translation more appropriate.

I do not know what point of view, welcome to discuss, to discuss. 2015-07-15 add comment share it

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    Tian Haohao – wizmacau developer

    Agree from: shlallen , FionaHall , wangzi19870227 , easy

    Of course it is "container"!

    1. For the three-word "container", the word is even more lightweight.
    2. In line with the "most" people's listening habits, and it is also catchy.
    3. Bockers, Docker containers are not just large containers, many are small or even miniature service containers. The "container" definition: a certain size, easy to mechanical loading and unloading, you can re-use the shipment of large containers , shape like a box, made of metal materials. Some areas are called containers.

    Therefore, with the "container" more appropriate.

    Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.