Using weave to achieve docker container interconnection problem with the host

Now we need to build the application cluster in two physical machines above, each machine above the docker and weave are installed, and now can achieve cross-physical machine container communication, but do not know if there is any pit, or we weave to achieve when the case To what are some of the problems. In this way is not there anything wrong with it 2015-07-15 add comment share it

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    Agree from: Mr 灬 Sunny , sampson_docker , andieguo

    Personally feel that the original use of weave the biggest is wrong docker API and weave not unified, used to know, weave have their own command line, all weave operations are through the weave command line, and then call the docker API by the wave To achieve the weave and docker interoperability, but weave no API interface can be used (only the command line tools and weave router, and did not provide API daemon), which led to the weave docker based on integration or development, Container management and network management must have a different implementation, more trouble.

    But after weave 1.0, weave the introduction of weave-proxy, the problem is greatly eased, weave-proxy is the basic principle of proxy docker API request, it is used to resolve the weave operation and the real docker API call, So that the use of a docker API can be completed docker and weave the operation

    As for the above waiting for the docker's original network support, personally think that the recent do not want to hold too much hope to go through the trial docker1.8-experimental later found that although the docker in the structure from the network this change is huge, all network functions are Move to libnetwork and have a separate docker and docker service, but only one overlay network that supports multihost support is relatively simple (it can only create a cross-host network one by one, and the network can not Configuration, by the docker default allocation) but the configuration is relatively complex (due to do cluster synchronization, start docker daemon is to add a variety of parameters), of course, in the stable release may be improved.

    Personally think that docker native network function even in the future will not do too complicated, the function of the expansion are mainly through a variety of network plugin to achieve, and the first docker's network plugin is weave, from here also We can see weave in the docker network expansion of the positive attitude, at present, weave on the network can achieve the function is to greatly enrich the docker (even docker1.8), please see http: // docs. … .html

    But I have never used in the production environment weave (just their own when the local tinker played), the main application is not appropriate, we need to operate a smaller particle size tools (such as you can use vlan), so use The pipework, more flexible, of course, when the integration of additional work more. So the choice of docker network tools, first look at the application of the scene, the same application scenarios to see the stability of the function and the ease of integration.

    Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.