Ubuntu14.04 platform Kubernetes V1.0 create pod unsuccessful

I used the official example (examples / pod.yaml) in the V1.0 version to create a new pod, but always as follows:


Docker ps view and did not run the container, what is going on?
Use kubectl logs podname, the results are as follows:
Internal Error: pod is not in 'Running', 'Succeeded' or 'Failed' state – State: "Pending"
Who else knows who specializes in discussing Kubernetes technology's QQ group? Please tell us, thank you! <!–

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    Did not find the relevant results


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      Agree from: mwyangfan , FanLin

        Kubectl describe pods / nginx-38bj5 

      Use this command should be able to locate the problem.

        Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.