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How do I run OpenVPN in the Ubuntu14.04 Docker container?

This article is from DigitalOcean, DigitalOcean is a provider of virtual dedicated servers in the United States. This article describes how to create an OpenVPN Docker container on Ubuntu14.04. Introduction This tutorial will show you how to use Docker to set up and run OpenVPN containers. OpenVPN provides a way to create a virtual private […]

How to use the Overlay file system on Ubuntu systems

[Editor's Note] This article describes how to run the Overlay file system on Ubuntu systems in the simplest language. As the author says: AUFS is the king of the past, and now the new king is Overlay. It seems that Overlay will be the first choice for Docker storage. At last week's Docker London Conference, […]

Update the Ubuntu system, to avoid being reported "checksum does not match"

[Editor's Note] The network operator's HTTP cache will cause the user to update the Ubuntu system when the error "checksum does not match." If you build this error with the Ubuntu-based container mirroring process, the Dockerfile subsequent instruction will no longer be executed. This paper presents three solutions: (1) plus HTTP or SOCKS proxy; (2) […]

How to run Ubuntu Core on Docker

[Editor's Note] Snappy is an extremely compact Ubuntu image, because it can be quickly deployed in the cloud, and provides a simple basic functional component updates, so many people used to build in the cloud (micro) system architecture. Unfortunately, Snappy is not included in Docker's official image. This article demonstrates how to run an Ubuntu […]

Ubuntu under the container can not start -device or resource busy

Host environment ubuntu14.04, docker version 1.7.0, start any container are prompted device or resource busy, not docker-mapper no umount problem, ubuntu docker does not use device-mapper, / var / lib / docker Directory is not used device-mapper or similar directory. View syslog found the following information Jul 9 10:48:49 GPU-video kernel: [500695.727142] aufs au_opts_parse:1133:docker[29133]: unknown […]

Will the program written on the Ubuntu Docker run on the CentOS Docker

Can I write a Node.js program in Ubuntu's Docker running in CentOS Docker? 2015-07-09 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 4 replies Peter Pan – TenxCloud partner Agree from: csrgxtu , edcap No problem, this is the Docker good portability, you can support […]

Ubuntu 14.40 installs Kubernetes 1.0.1

[Editor's Note] This article is based on official guidelines, practice on ubuntu 14.04, and solves the problems that may be encountered, provides a basic installation package that can quickly install kubernetes. Official address: https://github.com/kubernetes/ … tu.md First install the docker at each node, see also Http://blog.onos.top/docker/20 … 4.04 / The author's experimental environment is as […]

Kubernetes kubectl version localhost: 8080 connection refused the problem

I use Vagrant under Ubuntu to build two CentOS7 virtual machines, ready to build Kubernetes environment, one is the master, one is minion. They are equipped with iptables and kubernetes 0.17. After installing Kubernetes, use kubectl version to view, the results Client Version normal, and server version suggested: Could not read version from server: get […]

Ubuntu Founder: Linux container will completely subvert virtualization

The new round of server virtualization tide does not look like the last time, Mark Shuttleworth says. Shuttleworth launched the Ubuntu Linux project ten years ago, and now he is responsible for the strategy and user experience at Canonical (operating Ubuntu). Under his leadership, like other Linux players, Canonical ushered in and supported the wave […]

Ubuntu: 14.04image installed openssh-server can not visit through the root user

Let's talk about my environment first Ubuntu14.04 64bit Docker version 1.9.1, build a34a1d5 Specific operation – start the container (container exposed ssh 22 port) Docker run -it -p 22 ubuntu: 14.04 / bin / bash Install ssh and start Apt-get install openssh-server openssh-client Service ssh start Modify the root password and change the root password […]

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