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Docker introduction and the installation of Registry

[Editor's Note] This article describes the Docker and Registry, the author said Docker is an application hosting framework, the highlight is to simplify the deployment of applications and application deployment version control. At the same time, the author describes the installation of Docker Registry and a web page can visit the Registry file docker-registry-web. Docker […]

How to manage Docker regisrtry permissions

Want to build a docker-regisrtry, download the docker-regisrtry package, tested no problem, but do not know how to manage permissions and other issues. Can I use the system ssh to manage permissions? ? If implemented? 2014-12-22 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 4 […]

DaoCloud announces Docker Hub Mirror service permanently free

At the end of 2014, DaoCloud blog released the "Fun Docker Mirror" article, in a very low-key way to announce the Docker Hub Mirror service on the official line. In the domestic special network environment, Mirror service significantly speed up the Docker Image download speed. More than three months later, in the absence of any […]

Docker Workflow (1): A Docker workflow that can be used in a production environment

[Editor's Note] The author works at the IIIEPE Institute in Mexico, where he will provide a reference to the latecomers through a series of articles that tell us about their experiences and lessons in the practical application of Docker. This article focuses on his Docker-based development workflow, including GitLab, Jenkins, Registry, Nginx. Docker is now […]

Docker private library management

How does Docker manage the image inside the private library? Such as the deletion of the type, as well as the size of the private library how to set up. 2015-03-26 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 3 replies William – cSphere CEO […]

Deploy the Docker Registry service

[Editor's Note] This article explains how to deploy a private Docker Registry service – either for private use or publicly available to other users. For example, your company may need a private Registry to support continuous integration (CI). Or, your company may have a large number of mirror products or services, you want to brand […]

How to deploy Docker Registry in production environment

[Editor's Note] Registry is Docker used to store the mirror, because the current 2.0 just out soon, 1.0 is relatively sound. This article describes how to configure the Registry to run under the Nginx agent, providing user authentication, TLS encryption support. Read a lot of posts on the Internet, introduced a lot of Docker Registry, […]

Is there a whole set of Docker's index + registry solutions and documentation?

Do not know if there is a set of Docker's index + registry complete solution and documentation? Contains the following features: Have SSL User name, password authentication User rights management If you have a GUI interface to log on and management is even better. 2015-05-06 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not […]

Docker pull private warehouse image error

The company's private Registry normal operation for a few months, and these days pull suddenly on the wrong (push no problem, search no problem), google Some people say that the firewall may encounter this problem , I have been shutting down the environment firewall The The specific environment is as follows: [Root @ vm13127 haichuan1] […]

DockOne Technical Sharing (3): Docker Registry Customization and Performance Analysis

[Editor's Note] This article describes the composition of several components of the Docker Registry service, and how to plan a customization of a private mirror library, as well as mirror service pull / push operation performance analysis, concurrent performance analysis, to help you build their own needs mirror services. Docker Index Web UI Meta-data metadata […]

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