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Micro-service and container technology risk, Wang Jun think twice

[Editor's Note] Micro-service and container technology have an exciting potential, and it is strongly recommended that customers begin to study these technologies. However, this is not to say that customers should be fully and immediately adopted. The development of these areas of technology is too fast, we must clearly understand what these technologies can not […]

Micro Service Actual Combat (1): Advantages and Deficiencies of Micro Service Architecture

[Editor's Note] This article from Nginx official blog, is the first micro-service series of articles, mainly to explore the traditional single application of the lack of micro-service architecture and the advantages and challenges. As the author says, the micro service architecture is more suitable for building complex applications, although it also has its own shortcomings. […]

Forget Monolithic and Microservice

Microservice is the buzzword that has emerged in recent years. Countless people interpret micro services according to their own understanding. For a time it becomes a monolithic solution that solves the panacea of ​​any problem. This paper suggests that the attention should be shifted from the terminology of the tangled, from the reality, consider whether […]

Micro Service Actual (II): Use API Gateway

[Editor's Note] The first part of this series describes the micro service architecture model. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using micro services, in addition to some complex micro-service, this model is ideal for complex applications. When you decide to use the application as a set of micro services, you need to decide how […]

[Daniel view] Martin Fowler talk about the advantages and disadvantages of micro-service

Martin Fowler is an expert in software development and design. Micro-service has become a hot topic in the current architecture design. This paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of micro-service, especially pointed out that when the choice of micro-service need to consider the various factors, write very detailed, thinking. Many development teams have realized that […]

August 2, Shenzhen | DockOne technical salon began to register friends

Micro Service is gaining more and more attention in blogs and social media, and its ranking is very high on Gartner's 2014 Hype Cycle. At the same time, the software community also has a lot of skeptics, that micro-service is nothing new. Naysayers believes that this is the re-packaging of SOA architecture. However, despite the […]

Six questions take you to understand the service discovery

【Editor's Note】 Four experts answered six questions about service discovery: (1) What is service discovery? (2) What are the key features of service discovery and why? (3) What are the main benefits of service discovery? (4) Which service discovery program is the most reliable? (5) What are the biggest challenges in implementing service discovery? (6) […]

Practice of Micro Service Architecture Based on Container Cloud

The birth of the micro-service architecture and the prevalence of container technology are almost simultaneously, and this is not accidental, but the Internet era against the traditional technology and architecture of the changes, and Docker as the representative of the container technology The micro service concept provides a matching implementation mechanism. The author introduces the […]

Understanding Docker (iii) – Micron Service for a good friend

[Editor's Note] Micro-service is different from the single structure of the place lies in the "divide and rule", however, only "points" is not enough. We can let Docker go, whether it is collaborative with different language technology stack, reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, or support the distributed system of automated testing and continuous […]

What do you think of today's micro service architecture?

The traditional SOA center is the ESB, unified message forwarding and conversion, of course, ESB itself, the central structure will bring a single point of problems and performance problems. Micro-service in each node can use Docker to start the service itself, and then the introduction of external ZooKeeper or etcd such a service discovery mechanism. […]

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