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Swarm, Fleet, Kubernetes, Mesos – Comparison of Arrangement Tools

[Editor's note] This article is written by Adrian Mouat , author of "Using Docker," a detailed analysis of the differences between Swarm, Fleet, K8s and Mesos. Most software systems evolve over time, and new and old functions are alternating, and changing user requirements mean that an efficient system must be able to rapidly scale or […]

A Summary of Mesos' Large Data Platform

Based on the three of the "Mesos large data resource scheduling and large-scale container operation best practices", the main list of some of the notes Built using a virtual machine built on the laptop virtual machine, the basic configuration: 1C2G20G network connection: the use of bridging Operating system: Ubuntu14.04LTS (the beginning of the use of […]

How to use Mesos and Marathon to maximize the discovery of AWS public cloud potential

[Editor's note] Mesos is often known for its mature case in a large-scale production environment. But in fact Mesos for the Internet start-up business is also very useful. The most significant point is: from the beginning using Mesos-based cloud operating system, so that a set of IT architecture can support the rapid development of different […]

About survey of use of Mesos, Marathon

How many people are running this system. Whether it is testing, production, or which version. We are going to discuss this platform under the smooth production environment upgrade program. 2015-11-24 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 3 replies Zhengyun – micro letter subscription […]

DuoOne technology sharing (thirty-six): based on Mesos, business-oriented cloud platform for the actual sharing

【Editor's Note】 Linker is a start-up company with innovative genes, the core team from the well-known companies such as HP Huawei. Chen Ran is Linker's CTO, under its leadership Linker creativity proposed the concept of @aaS云计算3.0 , combined with Mesos and Docker and other open source technology to develop their own cloud platform. The following […]

Take a look at someone else's container application case | @Container conference lecturer at a glance

@Container Container Technology Conference is the top container technology event hosted by DockOne.io . The conference emphasizes practice and communication. The topic is set up around the technical fields such as container, operation and maintenance, cloud computing, and tries to interpret the container technology in all directions and angles. The The current number of applicants […]

Kubernetes-Mesos 0.7 release, an important milestone in development

@Container Container Technology Conference will be held on January 24, 2016 in Beijing, from the Philharmonic , microblogging, Tencent, where to network, the United States Mission Cloud, Jingdong, mushroom Street, Hewlett-Packard, Rush cartoon and other well-known companies responsible for the technology People will share their container application case. Kubernetes is an open source container layout […]

Container, cloud and code: how does yelp use Mesos and Docker to build a hybrid cloud?

In order to solve Yelp's infrastructure problems, Eaton led the team to investigate the container and find a solution, and ultimately decided to use Apache Mesos and Mesosphere. Based on Mesosphere, the PaasTA service was constructed and the Seagull platform was developed for the test environment. This paper describes the difficulties of Yelp's container program […]

Apache Mesos and the rise of the data center operating system

[Editor's Note] This article is the introduction of Mesosphere's engineers to their company's DCOS products, also incidentally introduced Mesos architecture and functionality as well as Mesos's init framework Marathon and Cron framework Chronos. @Container container technology conference will be held in Beijing on January 24, 2016, from CoreOS, Red Hat, SAE, seven cattle, love odd […]

The difference between Mesos and YARN, and how they work together

Hadoop 2.0 after the management of the cluster resources from the MapReduce v1 JobTracker extracted from the YARN in the realization. Although YARN supports a variety of different computing framework, but still not very good solution to the elasticity of cluster resources expansion problem. This article introduces a new project, Myriad, which combines the strengths […]

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