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Use Apache Mesos and Docker in a production environment

Docker Container Software has been extensively noticed from technology giants to businesses. However, as the concept of the container changes into a mature technology in the real world, then the problem becomes: how can we quickly apply Docker to the production environment? Introduction There are many complex challenges to running Docker containers safely and efficiently […]

Mesosphere's data center operating system logs into Microsoft Azure and AWS

Mesosphere's vision is to build a container-centric service, and then the developer can handle a data center with a variety of servers as a single entity. Today Mesosphere has publicly tested its Microsoft Azure and AWS-based data center operating system (DCOS). This is a big step for Mesosphere. Mesosphere 's vision is to build a […]

Mesos Framework Contrast: Marathon and Aurora

[Editor's Note] Marathon and Aurora can schedule and run resident services on the Mesos cluster. This paper compares the differences and advantages and disadvantages of the two frameworks. problem Both the Marathon framework and the Aurora framework can schedule and run resident services on the Mesos cluster. My question is: What are the differences between […]

Private cloud myth: what is the future?

[Editor's note] A very good article, the author from the current plight of OpenStack talk about, talk to the background of the private cloud, and then introduced the history of cloud computing. From the original intention of cloud computing and the popular distributed applications now extend their core view: the server and the virtual machine […]

Mesos Beijing line meeting meeting in several people science and technology

On the afternoon of May 17th, Mesos Beijing will be held in a number of science and technology conference rooms. About 40 technical people interested in Mesos from various industries participated in the event. Hyper's founder, Wang Xu, Technical report, LeiSu made a detailed introduction to IBM EGO, after several people's technology Chen Fu Mesos […]

Apache Mesos real use of the scene

[Editor's Note] The text comes from a question on stackoverflow, and the questioner wants to know what the use of Mesos in the actual use of the scene, from Twitter engineers from the container layout, resource utilization, priority and resource preemption, and services Running and several other angles, the question was answered. I try to […]

How to build a Mesosphere cluster environment with service discovery capabilities

In view of the fact that Docker cluster technology has sprung up, I have come to share my own experience and results in exploring Mesosphere. This article will tell the reader how to build a Docker cluster with service discovery capability based on Mesosphere on CentOS 7. I'm on the GitHub project I am writing […]

How to create a Docker image with Gradle

In this blog, the author shows how to create a Docker image with Gradle task. Gradle currently has some Docker plugins. The author's talk about this plugin is used to create a scheduler image for Mesos Elasticsearch . This plugin is very versatile because it basically provides all the commands for the Docker CLI for […]

[Skills] a command to replace etcd + flannel, the whole network through no port mapping

[Editor's note] I was Wu Jian, from Shanghai Hypers domestic top big data analysis company, participated in the "Skylark Docker giant fun" and won the first prize, young people are still a lot of advice. Because some people put forward this idea, I have successfully practiced these experiments before, they will Baidu and Google less […]

June 28 Mesos Beijing line exchange summary

On the afternoon of June 28th, the second Mesos Beijing subway exchange will be held in the conference room where the West small mouth, this event organized by the number of science and technology , from the industry interested in Mesos about 50 technical people participated in the activity. In this event, open cloud selection […]

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