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Consult kubernetes deployment problem, pod has been in the pending state

Use the command kubecfg -c apache-pod.json create pods for deployment Json template: { "Id": "fedoraapache", "Kind": "Pod", "ApiVersion": "v1beta1", "DesiredState": { "Manifest": { "Version": "v1beta1", "Id": "fedoraapache", "Containers": [{ "Name": "fedoraapache", "Image": "fedora / apache" "Ports": [{ "ContainerPort": 80, "HostPort": 8080 }] }] } }, "Labels": { "Name": "fedoraapache" } } Mirror using the local […]

What is the difference between Apache Mesos and Google Kubernetes?

If you are just getting started, then Kubernetes will be a good starting point; it's quick, easy to use, lightweight way to handle cluster-oriented development integration and experience. It provides a very far-sighted portability, enabling it to support multiple providers (Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, CoreOS, Mesosphere, Kismatic, VMware, etc.). Kubernetes is an open source project […]

Interview: How do I record containers for short lifecycles?

[Editor's note] This article is part of an interview with the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, and the interviewer is Ian Lewis, Google Cloud Platform Engineer, who focuses on the concept, function and how to apply it to a production environment. Cloud-native computing relies on short lifecycle containers rather than fixed servers. Running applications in containers […]

Docker & Kubernetes Technical Salon Issue 2

Container technology, represented by Docker, is leading the next change in cloud computing, and Docker has changed the way cloud delivery and deployment, and the lightweight, application-oriented virtualized runtime environment provides an ideal carrier for micro services , And led the CaaS cloud services (Container as a service) the rise and rapid development. Kubernetes is […]

How do I add a node to a deployed Kubernetes?

Before you see the Internet that there are two ways: One is through the API, http://kubernetes.io/v1.0/docs … tmeta create a node API interface, but the creation of the node is not ready, I do not know how to put the node Pull up into ready There is also a way to pass kubelets and kube-proxy […]

What is the difference between Borg and Kubernetes and what is the future of the cloud?

Hello everyone, I am from Huawei PaaS sector Zhongcheng, is currently doing some of the relevant product development. I want to share the theme is from Borg to Kubernetes, in fact, Borg is Kubernetes predecessor. I talked about three aspects today, the first is Borg's introduction, the second is Kubernetes based on what changes made […]

I would like to ask you in the production environment using kubernetes cluster have encountered any pit?

We have been in the production environment in the kubernetes cluster deployment of a smaller traffic micro-service, for the time being did not find any problems, but still worried about the future large-scale deployment will not appear when the pit, because Google itself seems No use (I'm not sure), I am now hesitant to consider […]

Kubernetes 1.1 release: Significant increase in network performance

[Editor's Note] Kubernetes is an open source container cluster framework that was launched by Google in 2014. This article was published on November 9, 2015 (Monday), the main content is about Kubernetes version 1.1 of the performance upgrade, including improved tools and more and more community support. The original author is Google Container and David […]

Swarm, Fleet, Kubernetes, Mesos – Comparison of Arrangement Tools

[Editor's note] This article is written by Adrian Mouat , author of "Using Docker," a detailed analysis of the differences between Swarm, Fleet, K8s and Mesos. Most software systems evolve over time, and new and old functions are alternating, and changing user requirements mean that an efficient system must be able to rapidly scale or […]

What did Kubecon say the first day?

[Editor's Note] David O'Dwyer wrote for Kubecon 2015 , highlighting some of the latest features of the Kubernetes v1.1 version, and summarizing the first day's speeches, allowing us to develop Kubernetes, Ecology has a more step to understand. @Container Container Technology Conference will be held on January 24, 2016 in Beijing, from the Philharmonic , […]

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