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Kubernetes firewall on the firewall to increase the rules of the rules

After the test kubernetes will continue to increase after running iptables rules, what is this problem? Will continue to grow up <!– 附件 : –>

OpenStack, Kubernetes, Mesos Who is the main ups and downs?

[Editor's Note] After the change, by the server, network and storage slowly formed a modern IT building, which will eventually be the level of software control? Will it be OpenStack (Virtualization Monster VMware also incorporates this technology)? Or will it be an application scheduling framework, Mesos (developed from AMPLab at Berkeley, California)? Will it be […]

Kubernetes Technical Analysis of OpenVSwitch

Docker's popularity has always been tepid PaaS, with the emergence of various types of Micro-PaaS, Kubernetes is one of the most representative of it, it is Google for many years of large-scale container management Open source version of the technology. This series of articles will analyze Kubernetes one by one, this article describes how to […]

Kubernetes ui can not access the question

Members heroes, I encountered in the manual installation kubernetes ui can not visit the problem. I was in centos7 manually installed kubernetets, a master, two nodes, etcd, flannel are installed through the kubectl get nodes to see two nodes are ready state, and then I manually started the kube-ui, the use of kubectl create -b […]

DockOne Technology Sharing (20): Docker Swordsman Swarm Introduction

Swarm project is a member of the Docker company released three members of the Three Musketeers, used to provide container cluster services, the purpose is to better help users manage multiple Docker Engine, user-friendly, like the use of Docker Engine, like the use of container cluster services The Swarm project status, Sway community status and […]

Kubernetes cluster in the production environment how to deal with the service log

Use the kubectl command can view the pod log, but the kind of log is directly hit the output, it is very convenient in the production environment to view. I know the container for the standard output and the standard error log is set up, but if the use of kubernetes management, it is impossible […]

Jenkins configuration for Kubernetes and Docker Workflow Plugin

Jenkins, as an open source integration tool, is used on many platforms. This article introduces some of the configurations in the Kubernetes and Docker Workflow Plugin to help the reader understand some of the details and methods. Recently I started trying to use Jenkins in Kubernetes , and in fact I also wanted to see […]

Kubernetes performance testing and development plan

[Editor's note] Kubernetes is Google's Open Source Container Arrangement Framework in 2014, author of this article by Wojciech Tyczynski , Google Software Engineer, who focuses on the current state of Kubernetes performance testing and next development plans. No matter how flexible your container arrangement system is, you will eventually have some work to do, and […]

October 25, Hangzhou | DockOne technical salon began to register friends

Docker technology after the heat, more and more people began to calm down, standing in the industry and application point of view to think about the entire ecological chain. The container is important, but the ability of a single container to play is minimal, in order to carry the micro-service through the Docker container, distributed […]

Kube-ui can not start the problem

Hello, i installed kubernetes encountered the same problem with you, very distressed, do you ask? How to solve it? Thanks for guidance ~ 2015-09-07 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 5 replies – Gufeng – Agree from: the secret of the day of […]

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