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Private cloud myth: what is the future?

[Editor's note] A very good article, the author from the current plight of OpenStack talk about, talk to the background of the private cloud, and then introduced the history of cloud computing. From the original intention of cloud computing and the popular distributed applications now extend their core view: the server and the virtual machine […]

How about hack kubernetes pod start to stop? Seeking direction

At present, we use Kubernetes rc to manage the container lifecycle in the cluster, and the replication controller can help us to restart a new pod on the cluster when a pod hangs in the cluster, and the increase in the number of pod replicas. Now we have encountered the problem is: When each pod […]

Eric Brewer: Container is the future of cloud computing

Eric Brew, Google's vice president of infrastructure, explores his current views on containers and Kubernetes, as well as future perspectives. Brewer mentioned that one of his main work priorities is Kubernetes and containers. Looking forward to the next decade, Eric Brewer believes that the way software development will be greatly changed. Micro services and containers […]

Project Eru: Arrangement service from mango TV

【Editor's Note】 The author first introduced his own work experience in the watercress, and then discussed the Hunan TV PaaS platform infrastructure. On the basis of the first generation PaaS platform, they developed Project Eru. The focus of this article is also introduced Project Eru, Eru draws on a lot of open source software technology […]

Support Kubernetes open source PaaS platform selection?

Is currently promoting the company PaaS platform construction, the initial idea is to use Docker to accelerate DevOps, no doubt Kubernetes is the best tool to do the service arrangement, but it is flawed: Can not provide hybrid cloud solution Can not provide PaaS platform support In view of the above reasons, their choice in […]

Recently in the study Kubernetes, but for his resources to limit this piece is not very understanding, seeking cattle to share.

Such as the problem, recently in the study Kubernetes + docker, but the resource restrictions this is not still not very understanding, seeking cow science. If you use Kubernetes how to design this? 2015-05-25 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 3 replies Xds2000 […]

How kubernetes the kube-schedule, kube-controller service address

There are two questions: As shown in Figure 1, I would like to amend kubernetes kube-schedule, kube-controller service address, which is to change the configuration file? / Etc / kubernetes the configuration files have seen no relevant configuration information ah. As shown in Figure 2, I created a service, why look at the time will […]

DockOne Technology Sharing (6): Sina Sce Docker Best Practices

[Editor's Note] This article mainly from the IaaS perspective, sharing SCE through what kind of practice to support the upper product line containerization demands. First talk about why we do support Docker technology this thing, and then introduce all aspects of Docker support practice. Finally, some of the experiences and trampled pits are summarized in […]

Kubernetes Meetup

Following the frenzy of the Docker 2015 Global Developers Conference, Solomon Hykes' "build tools for mass innovation" rhetoric and Scott Johnston's "Docker: Ready for Production" domineering announcement indicates that Docker's container technology is about to enter the stage of history , In the field of cloud computing popular, Rock the world! Around the container technology […]

[Skills] a command to replace etcd + flannel, the whole network through no port mapping

[Editor's note] I was Wu Jian, from Shanghai Hypers domestic top big data analysis company, participated in the "Skylark Docker giant fun" and won the first prize, young people are still a lot of advice. Because some people put forward this idea, I have successfully practiced these experiments before, they will Baidu and Google less […]

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