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Kubernetes deploy the Docker container state always exited

Such as the problem, always appear such a problem, resulting in replicationController has always been creating pod, the establishment of the container. Do not know what way Kubernetes started the container? 2015-04-12 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 3 replies Hessen – Docker […]

Ansible installation script for the Kubernetes environment on the Atomic Host

There is a project for centos-atomic configuration of Kubernetes environment through Ansible. Currently for ostree-id is a029f52272. Welcome to tile. Git@github.com: zhouxiaoqiang / kubernetes-ansible.git

Kubernetes reverse proxy problem

I'm starting to build Kubernetes now. Kube-proxy monitor the random port can only reverse the agent where the minionA pods? So when minioA serviceA want to visit the entire cluster of serviceB service how to do? Is not it will be back to the agency back to the machine? Ask God to teach ~ 2015-04-16 […]

Kubernetes' rolling update mechanism

[Editor's note] Kubernetes is an open source version of Google's Borg system for managing application lifecycle management, service discovery, and more on a cluster. This article mainly from the seamless update application (rolling-update) this operation, to interpret the source code, understand the mechanism. Articles more dry, cautious consumption. 0. Command and depend on the basics […]

Docker visualization tool comparison and Kubernetes questions

Recently began to contact Docker, in the taste of some of the original Docker experience, began to search Docker visual management operation of the tool, hoping to get some inspiration. The success of the current operation are: DockerUI Shipyard Similarly, I also found a corresponding example on DockOne. As for Panamax has not been successfully […]

Kube-proxy access efficiency issues

Why I am minionA, visit minionA: randomPort, request to return to more than 1s time. And access containerIP: exposePort return time as long as ten ms? Is the efficiency of kube-proxy? 2015-04-17 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 5 replies Yaoguo We agreed […]

Let Kubernetes become a first-class citizen of the data center operating system (DCOS)

[Editor's note] Mesosphere joins Kubernetes into DCOS with Google engineers, as described in this article. Interested readers can register to try and experience the "enterprise" Kubernetes. After several months of collaborating with Mesosphere engineers, Kubernetes is now fully integrated into the Mesosphere data center operating system (DCOS), where we open an early access plan for […]

What is the relationship between Google's Container Engine and Kubernetes?

About Container Engine , Google official to the English description is based on the need to manage the container cluster such a thing, this is not Kubernetes do things, who can help rationalize the relationship between them? What are the other alternatives to Container Engine? 2015-05-04 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did […]

Google, Red Hat and VMware announced support for AppC

[Editor's note] Many people say that Docker may have become a winner of the container war, but CoreOS does not think so. At CoreOS Fest, held on May 4, CoreOS announced its new partners: Red Hat, Google, VMware and Apcera . With the addition of these big companies, CoreOS may have more voice, the future […]

Kuepnetes in the portal_net_ip how to use?

Just touch Kubernetes, understand the concept of pod and service. I found that minion will forward-ip through iptables forwarded to the container, but the portal-ip how to use? For example, I set up a service, it gives an IP, but this IP does not work ah. . . How do I access this corresponding minion […]

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