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Kubernetes.io Chinese image k8s.com.cn

As k8s.io visit too slow, so try to do a domestic mirror http://k8s.com.cn , followed by the community and the gradual translation of documents and other information. Is still relatively rough, hope Zhujun understanding <!– 附件 : –> 2015-11-27 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related […]

A question about kubernetes + flannel

Ran a 2 node kubernetes, with the flannel, there is a question, through the kubernetes create two pod, in the 2 nodes can ping 通, no problem with the network communication, then the problem came, the network of other machines how Visit the application on the pod, that is, other machines within the network and […]

Kubernetes kube-proxy iptables problem

Such as the title, in kubernetes on the creation of services, will automatically create the appropriate rules on the node. But it is not very understanding. -A PREROUTING -m comment –comment "handle ClusterIPs; NOTE: This must be before the NodePort rules" -j KUBE-PORTALS-CONTAINER -A PREROUTING -m addrtype –dst-type LOCAL -m comment –comment "handle service NodePorts; […]

How do i read kubernetes source code?

Why read the code? How to read k8s source code? The source code contains all the information. Write open source software, from the documents and other places to get second-hand information, the code is the most direct first-hand information. Code is the hacker empire neo see the origin of the world. The text is not […]

Build kubernetes from scratch

Kubernetes build their own reference to online documents, take kubernetes ride again, make a note. There are a few pits, stepped on their own, record, to avoid other people then step on. At the end of the article, you have recorded the mistakes and solutions you have encountered. With the software version: Centos 7.1 Docker […]

How does Weaveworks use Kubernetes to build multi-level deployment solutions?

[Editor's note] Weave Scope is an open source solution for Weaveworks's virtualization and monitoring for containerized and service-oriented services. This article describes the whole process of building Weave Scope through Kubernetes. Today, we hear Peter Bourgon's (Weaveworks Software Engineer), which provides software developers with a micro-service-based network, monitoring and control services in Docker containers. Peter […]

Kuberneter master can not find minion

1: Install kubernetes according to the official website Address: https://github.com/GoogleCloud … ig.md 2: Execute kubectl get minions, can not find any minion Kubectl get minions NAME 3: view the log / var / log / messages, reported the following error: Dec 16 13:53:38 localhost kube-scheduler: E1216 13: 53: 38.792341 6084 reflector.go: 79] Failed to list […]

Kubernetes creates persistent storage problems based on Ceph rbd

Ceph cluster has been deployed, based on admin certification can be passed Create the desired foo image In the k8s correctly injected admin secret The following pod's yaml file ApiVersion: "v1" Kind: "Pod" Metadata: Name: "rbd2" Spec: Containers: – Name: "rbd-rw" Image: "nginx" Resources: Requests: Memory: "64Mi" Cpu: "250m" Limits: Memory: "128Mi" Cpu: "500m" VolumeMounts: […]

Red Hat Product Director reviews the development of the container with PaaS

Author: Daniel Riek, Red Hat's product manager, has more than 17 years of experience in software development and open source work. The article reviews the entire development process of OpenShift and describes some of the opportunities and challenges that OpenShift has encountered from 2011 to the present. Although a bit soft, but also a comprehensive […]

Can Kubernetes be able to fix the container's IP?

Kubernetes can create nodes, nodes can be how many pod, the problem is pod ip are automatically allocated, and now Kubernetes can not specify the pod ip address? 2015-03-16 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 7 replies Li Yingjie – DockOne.io sponsor Agree […]

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