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Docker Workflow (1): A Docker workflow that can be used in a production environment

[Editor's Note] The author works at the IIIEPE Institute in Mexico, where he will provide a reference to the latecomers through a series of articles that tell us about their experiences and lessons in the practical application of Docker. This article focuses on his Docker-based development workflow, including GitLab, Jenkins, Registry, Nginx. Docker is now […]

Develop test environment based on Docker integration

This is an internal set of development tests as one of the environment, developers through the push code to GitLab, in order to trigger Jenkins, so that Jenkins to perform a series of scripts and operations, build build, combined with Sonar, Email notification, Also include the start of the stop container, the container commit to […]

The container was running Jenkins wrong

Container mode run Jenkins, project configuration shell start test container, prompt / usr / bin / docker: not found . Figure: <!– 附件 : –> 2015-05-11 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find the relevant results Invited: Content-related links submit 3 replies Ritousyou – apart from handsome nothing to say We […]

Run Docker in Jenkins (Docker)

[Editor's Note] There are two ways to use Docker in Docker, the difference is whether the environment is isolated from the host. This article uses Docker in Jenkins as an example to illustrate how to achieve the purpose of reusing the host image by loading the host Docker socket and the program. The article also […]

Jenkins configuration for Kubernetes and Docker Workflow Plugin

Jenkins, as an open source integration tool, is used on many platforms. This article introduces some of the configurations in the Kubernetes and Docker Workflow Plugin to help the reader understand some of the details and methods. Recently I started trying to use Jenkins in Kubernetes , and in fact I also wanted to see […]

Practice of Docker in Hero Alliance Game (1)

[Editor's Note] Riot combines Docker and Jenkins to build a Pipeline. This blog is the first in a series of blogs by Riot's practice Docker, which focuses on their goals and ideas; the follow-up bloggers record Riot's Docker practice step by step in the form of tutorials. Container technology has been swept the world, we […]

Practice of Docker in Hero League Game (2)

[Editor's Note] This blog is the second of Riot's Docker practice series blog. The main content is to create a new Dockerfile based on the Cloudbees image, set up a log directory, and describe how to use the docker exec command to view the log file. When I started learning Docker a year ago and […]

Intercom's ongoing deployment practices: 100 times a day, 10 minutes a day

[Editor's Note] This blog post shared the experience and experience of Intercom's ongoing deployment. Intercom began to identify the importance of ongoing deployment from 10 times a day in 2002 to 100 deployments this year, and has accumulated a wealth of experience and has a deep understanding of the ongoing deployment, although this article does […]

DockOne Technology Sharing (XXVI): ZTEsoft Based on Jenkins and Docker's CI Practice

[Editor's Note] This sharing comes from four aspects: Jenkins-based CI process, Docker-based application publishing, Dubbo-based cross-host container connectivity, difficulties and perspectives. Based on Jenkins' CI process Everything starts in April 2013, and when I came back from Venezuela in April, I immediately went to the end of a large back-end construction project for a domestic […]

Out of the box with Jenkins mirror

How to use mirroring Console $ Docker run -p 8080: 8080 index.csphere.cn/microimages/jenkins This will start all the workspace stored in the /var/jenkins_home directory, including all the data, plugins and configuration, you may want to run in a persistent data volume: Console $ Docker run –name myjenkins -p 8080: 8080 -v / var / jenkins_home index.csphere.cn/microimages/jenkins […]

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