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Use Docker for Java development

[Editor's Note] This is an entry-level learning tutorial, recommended Java developers to read, the author through a simple example of how to Dicker in Java development. Do not need Maven, do not need JDK, you only need to give your little partner a Dockerfile, the rest of the things to Docker to complete it This […]

A simple Java EE & Docker example

[Editor's Note] The best way to learn Docker is to apply it quickly at work. The author uses Docker to deploy a Java EE application, which is very simple and convenient. It should be noted that, because the author of the local network when there is a problem, so Dockerfile a lot of resources are […]

Java developers need to pay attention to the five major Docker errors

[Editor's note] Docker is now very fire, container technology fancy, but this is actually a misunderstanding, do not be hype out of the bubble fascinating eyes, this article throws speculation, rationally from the Java programmer's point of view , Lists the five major errors of Docker, to help you better understand the advantages and problems […]

Reduce the use of Java application server to meet the Docker container

[Editor's Note] With the development of Docker, more and more application developers began to use Docker. James Strachan wrote an article on how Java developers can use Docker for lightweight, rapid development. He told us that the use of Docker and service discovery mechanism, can effectively reduce the burden of Java operation and maintenance personnel, […]

Docker runs Java, path problems

solved CMD ["java -cp xxx.jar:.", "Main"] This place is not written, it should be CMD ["java", "- cp", "xxx, jar", "Main" 1, first of all from the official warehouse pull java mirror 2, and then create a local Dockerfile file: FROM java: 7 COPY. / Usr / src / myapp WORKDIR / usr / src […]

How to create a Docker image with Gradle

In this blog, the author shows how to create a Docker image with Gradle task. Gradle currently has some Docker plugins. The author's talk about this plugin is used to create a scheduler image for Mesos Elasticsearch . This plugin is very versatile because it basically provides all the commands for the Docker CLI for […]

Start tomcat container to run JAVA project problems

The same tomcat, java, project source code, the environment variable on the host run without any problems. Put inside the container run, the project started successfully. . But open the page on the error Type Exception report Message Unable to compile class for JSP: Description the server encountered an internal error that prevented it from […]

Five Java-based Docker images

[Editor's Note] Java language long-term occupation of the top three programming language position, its popularity and importance is self-evident. In the tide of container technology, Java can be long container, avoid their own "bloated" short, to achieve higher success. This paper chooses five representative Java images to introduce, and pointed out some of its existing […]

Running Java Spark in Docker (1)

background I just realized that Java Spark ( http://sparkjava.com , translator note: Java Spark is inspired by Ruby's Sinatra Web development framework, similar to Scalatra, SpringBoot, etc., and Scala Scalatra have similar ) And Apache Spark ( http://spark.apache.org , Translator's Note: Apache Spark is Apache's data processing engine) is not confusing. In the next content […]

The era of servlet containers has ended

In the Java world, Tomcat and Jetty such servlet containers can serve web applications. But the rise of non-Java programs over the past few years, such as Node.js and Go , provides its own built-in server, which makes everyone realize that Java can also use the embedded server. This article explores why the servlet container […]

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