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Write Dockerfile for GitBook

How to make traditional applications run in the Docker container, we prepared for a variety of projects Dockerfile, this is a great e-book application GitBook. With GitBook-Server, we do not need to install Node.js and GitBook locally, and run all local e-books directly. Specific implementation can see https://github.com/tobegit3hub/gitbook-server <!– 附件 : –> 2014-12-15 add comment […]

Docker Getting Started Tutorial (3) Dockerfile

[Editor's Note] DockerOne organization translated Flux7's Docker introductory tutorial, this article is the third series of introductory tutorials, introduced the Dockerfile syntax, DockerOne currently in the code highlights some Bug, we will fix as soon as possible in the code section There will be some characters will be escaped. In the last article in the […]

Dockerfile Best Practices (1)

[Editor's Note] This article is the fourth chapter of the Docker introductory tutorial, the advanced chapter of the DockerFile , the author mainly introduces the cache, label, port and CMD and ENTRYPOINT the best usage, and through the case analysis of the precautions, such as we should use commonly used And the beginning of the […]

Dockerfile Best Practices (2)

[Editor's Note] This article is the second part of Docker's introductory tutorial, Chapter 3 – DockerFile . The author mainly describes the Docker changes, commonly used instructions and the basic usage of the basic mirror. Since my last Dockerfile best practice , Docker has changed a lot. The last article will keep on, this article […]

What is the difference between Docker's migration and using Dockerfile?

Beginner Docker, there are a few questions: Use dockerfile build out of the container, and use the save / load mirror run out of the container will be the same? Dockerfile which contains some of the script behavior (such as start some background services, etc.), in the static mirror is what kind of situation? In […]

Easy to understand Docker

[Editor's Note] This article is a Docker entry article, the author describes the Docker-related basic knowledge, including Docker image, Dockerfile, Docker container, Docker Hub. The author then uses Docker to build a WordPress application that contains a Nginx server for routing / proxy requests, WordPress application servers to deploy applications, and MySQL databases to provide […]

How does Docker use union file systems?

We all know that Docker uses union file systems to build the mirror by layer, but how does Docker distinguish these layers? Or what strategy does it use to decide which content is on the floor and which is not on the floor? 2015-03-03 add comment share it Weibo QZONE Micro letter Did not find […]

On the Optimization Experience of Dockerfile

[Editor's Note] This article focuses on how to optimize Dockerfile, to shorten the time required for docker image construction, as well as some editorial specifications of Dockerfile, recommend all Docker enthusiasts to read, very basic articles, this article may give you some inspiration and guidance. Optimize your Dockerfiles Docker mirroring should be small and fast. […]

There is a problem with git clone in Dockerfile

I'm in Dockerfile inside git clone why there are only two empty folders? But I am in xcszbdnl / boost-centos run / bin / sh after git clone is the complete code, who knows why this is it? FROM xcszbdnl / boost-centos RUN git clone https://github.com/swolchok/luckytubes.git WORKDIR / luckytubes RUN pwd && ls -a RUN […]

DockOne technology sharing (a): Dockerfile and Docker build process interpretation

[Editor's Note] This discussion mainly combs and interprets the source code flow of the docker build and shares some practical experiences in the process of making the Dockerfile, including how to debug, optimize and build some of the points. In addition, the shortcomings of the existing Dockerfile are briefly described, and some understanding of the […]

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