Survey: container products nearly a year of utilization increased by 96%

In the past year, the container ecosystem has grown at an alarming rate, almost doubling its growth. Here we from the second annual container survey to explore the next container ecosystem in the end what happened? ( See the first annual survey report ).

A survey of 310 IT products conducted by ClusterHQ commissioned by showed that we were surprised to find that the proportion of container technology used in production increased by 96% over the past year.
You can download the full report or view the original data , as follows.


  • Of the respondents who understood the company's financial investment situation, 52% of the companies made financial investments in container technology, some more than a million dollars.
  • Of the companies that have already invested in the direction of the container, 56% of the companies are added in nearly a year.
  • 72% of the organizations that used container technology met or exceeded organizational and IT planning goals, but only 63% of organizations that did not use container technology met the business and IT planning goals.
  • Beyond the security, persistent storage becomes the biggest bottleneck in container development this year.

These conclusions not only prove the vitality of the container technology, but also indicates the rapid growth brought about by the huge market opportunities, while the use of container technology organizations may also win competitive advantage.

To promote the use of containers still need to solve the difficulties

The survey also showed a significant increase in the difficulty of container technology applications. In 2015, 61% of respondents said security was the biggest bottleneck for containers, followed by data management (53%) and network management (51%). However, the 2016 survey showed that the persistence of storage (the production environment database began to be deployed in a large number of containers after the problem significantly improved) to become the biggest challenge for the deployment of the container, but instead reduced the security of the third problem. Respondents believe that the organization did not use the container is the primary reason for the lack of understanding of container technology, which led to no investment resources.

Kubernetes is the most popular tool, but it's not the same as other tools

This year's survey showed a significant increase in Kubernetes container management tool usage. In 2015, 50% of respondents chose Docker Swarm as their preferred container arrangement tool, followed by Kubernetes (38%), Mesos (35%). And this year's survey shows that while Docker Swarm has maintained a strong dominant position, Kubernetes has become the most widely used arrangement tool. Based on all the container layout tool data provided by the respondent, the top five tools are:

  • Kubernetes: 40%
  • Internal development tools: 32%
  • Docker Swarm: 32%
  • Amazon ECS: 24%
  • Mesos: 15%

This set of data indicates that employees still want to determine which is more appropriate by using multiple container management tools at the same time.

Developers do not want to find a better virtual machine

Containers are often used to compare with virtual machines, but developers do not want to use containers to replace the virtual machine, but want to use container technology to improve development efficiency and support micro-service architecture.
The above is the focus of this survey, once again stressed that by next year you can download a complete report or view the original data .

Link: 96% Increase in Container Production Usage Over Past Year (translation: Chilly)

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