Support Kubernetes open source PaaS platform selection?

Is currently promoting the company PaaS platform construction, the initial idea is to use Docker to accelerate DevOps, no doubt Kubernetes is the best tool to do the service arrangement, but it is flawed:

  1. Can not provide hybrid cloud solution
  2. Can not provide PaaS platform support

In view of the above reasons, their choice in support of Kubertnetes / Docker PaaS platform as a company DevOps and SaaS support system. Currently interested in open source PaaS platform:

  • Cloud Foundry : Poor support for Docker, heavyweight enterprise PAAS, but lacks good support for Docker.
  • OpenShift v3 : Scheduled support for Kubernetes, but only plan.
  • Apache Stratos : A multi-language PaaS framework that provides a cloud-based environment for developing, testing, and running scalable applications.

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    Guo Lei – InfoQ editor, concerned about the development of container technology.

    Agree from: wangzi19870227 , Shi Haixu

    Severely recommend my favorite Docker based PaaS: Deis . Well, Kubernetes for the container, so to choose Kubernetes support better PaaS, must be selected based on the container Docker. The above mentioned OpenShift 3 is based on Docker and Kubernetes, and Red Hat has put a lot of effort on it. The latest news shows that OpenShift 3 has completed the functional development and entered the testing phase . You can focus on the next.

    Deis now uses CoreOS Fleet, which will soon support Mesos, Kubernetes and so on. Attach a Deis software stack to explain the map.

      Heads up! This alert needs your attention, but it's not super important.