Skylark invited you to witness the birth of domestic CaaS

In the global cloud services market and the rapid development of China's cloud computing industry focused on the development of the environment, Docker appeared at the right time. Compared to traditional technology, it allows developers to quickly build can be run anywhere in the container application; greatly simplifies the application deployment and management; and more efficient use of computing resources. Docker driven by the container technology far-reaching, can be said to be opened the second cloud technology innovation curtain.

Skylark believes that container technology, represented by Docker, will become a new standard for application delivery, and container-based cloud platforms will be at the heart of next-generation cloud computing . March 2015 Lark Technology first introduced the first domestic container services (Container-as-a-Service) cloud platform, a few months to continue to polish product quality, enhance the user experience. June 9, 2015, Skylark technology new product conference, such as about, this meeting to "build a new generation of cloud service experience" as the theme, will attract many industry elite and media friends to witness the next generation of cloud platform official boarding The history of the stage on the moment.

Skylark is headquartered in Seattle, USA, is the sixth member of Microsoft's venture capital accelerator, has received millions of dollars of financing. Founder, CEO left Yue is internationally renowned virtualization and cloud computing experts, Azure SDN and Windows Container founder. He was the chief architect and development manager of the Microsoft Azure Virtualization Team in the United States, with six international patents in the field of virtualization technology and one of the fastest growing Chinese in Microsoft's history. CTO Chen Kai has ten years of large-scale, enterprise-class distributed system, cloud platform research and development experience, former Microsoft Azure platform control system (Fabric Controller) chief architect, development manager, for the platform veteran members, responsible for the entire Azure cloud Platform back-end architecture and research and development, carrying millions of cloud hosts and millions of cloud applications. More importantly, Skylark from the beginning of the beginning to focus on the global, from home and abroad to absorb high-tech field of talent. The core team are from Microsoft, Amazon and other top cloud computing team's absolute technical backbone and the top US business school MBA. Has the world's most sophisticated cloud services development and operation of the rich experience and a deep understanding of the entire industry.

Skylark from the birth of the focus on providing enterprise-class CaaS services, based on the public cloud market for Internet companies and developers to provide quality and efficient solutions. Product positioning is the new generation of applications for delivery of containers as the center, full service in the application development, build, integration, deployment of the entire process, and provide an efficient and reliable operating environment. And ultimately help companies optimize the development, operation and maintenance processes, improve efficiency, reduce IT costs, and enable enterprises to focus on their core business, enhance competitiveness. The new generation of CaaS cloud services has unparalleled advantages over other cloud platforms. For example, CaaS brings user IaaS-like flexibility and PaaS-like convenience to help users play the ultimate in the Microservices architecture, building applications like building blocks; Users choose the right underlying cloud platform according to their business needs. More product features will be launched at this press conference.

In addition to the heavyweight product release, we also invited the China Software Industry Association, Zhao Xiaofan, Jinshan Software Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Zhang Hongjiang, Microsoft Asia Pacific R & D Group Chief Operating Officer Shen Yuanqing, CSDN Chief Strategy Officer and Editor Liu Jiang, Yung Capital founder Li Bin and other industry leaders and community leaders, as well as partners to the scene, witness the next generation of cloud services. At the same time, Skylark technology also invites Internet companies and communities within the Docker enthusiasts involved, click on the registration .


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