Rancher 1.6 Release: EBS support, ciphertext management and CLI enhancements

Rancher v1.6 is now available! This is the latest version of the Rancher container management platform. Although we have always advised you to use Rancher's latest stable version for production or mission-critical deployment, we can not wait to share new features in Rancher v1.6 with you at the moment. In this version, we have greater control over the user's storage and confidentiality.

Confirm support for EBS

At first, before the official release of Rancher, we have already achieved support for EBS. This time, in v1.6, we removed the "experimental" label. In addition to fixing some of the minor questions about our community tags, this release also includes:

  • Utilize available area-aware scheduling to achieve better container management EBS using the same available area
  • More options for the volume: Now users can specify options such as volumetric, encrypted, and snapshotltd

After this update, you can use EBS support for the production environment!

In addition, Rancher EBS support does not conflict with the development of the Longhorn project – we will always support popular and leading technologies, including AWS. Although the Longhorn project was eventually incorporated into Rancher, Longhorn was still experimental, and at this stage Longhorn and Rancher remained in their own independence.

Cage support in Rancher Compose

In Rancher v1.4 : We added the ability to use Vault Transit to handle ciphertext in Rancher. In Rancher v1.6, this feature is still experimental, although we have fixed bugs that have been discovered since its initial release. In addition, the latest version also includes the use of Compose and Rancher CLI to create the function of the ciphertext. It satisfies the main needs of our community because it does not promote user management of encrypted data through the Rancher UI, but simplifies the ability to rely on ciphertext to deploy workloads.

Rancher CLI and rancher-compose CLI

In the previous versions, we have developed the Rancher CLI and its predecessor, the rancher-compose CLI. The Rancher-compose CLI function is only a subset of the Rancher CLI functionality. Looking ahead, we will combine the results of existing efforts, new features will only be developed on the Rancher CLI.

For more information about Rancher v1.6, see also release on GitHub .

Source: Rancher Labs

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