Rancher 1.0 officially released

Rancher is the only container management platform on the market today that supports both Swarm and Kubernetes.

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Rancher Labs is a container technology infrastructure provider headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, and Rancher is an efficient and easy-to-use corporate container cloud platform.

Yunshu Network is a strategic partner of Rancher Labs and the strongest technology implementation service team in China. It has R & D and operations centers in Silicon Valley, China and Southeast Asia.

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Today, we reached an important milestone, after a year and a half of the development, Rancher's first official version 1.0 was released. Rancher has achieved the stability and quality of the production environment. We posted the Rancher preview at the Amazon Re: invent conference in 2014, and then released the beta version in July 2015. I congratulate Rancher on the results of the entire R & D team.

As an open source project, Rancher's development is inseparable from all users and community developers in close collaboration. Some of you started with the first preview and witnessed a variety of advances and enhancements. Some of you are in our GA before, even confidently Rancher deployed in the production of key business environment! Without your feedback, suggestions and participation contributions, Rancher can not simply reach this level today. With your help, Rancher has downloaded more than a million times, and more than 2,500 Beta users are involved in the trial. Our thanks to the community is palpable, which will drive us to continue to improve until Rancher is the best container management platform

In this article, I would like to explore how Rancher is used to solve the problem, the community is how to use Rancher for a variety of scenes, why users feel Rancher's quality enough to support its business applications, we Rancher 1.0 GA version Is how to plan.

We have already made a new version of the quick product demo to introduce it.

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Rancher solved the problem

Rancher is a complete out-of-the-box container management platform. When companies start to deploy Docker containers in a production environment, the first big challenge is how to integrate a large number of open source technologies together. As shown in the following figure, container management involves areas of problem including storage, networking, monitoring, scheduling, and scheduling.


Rancher develops, integrates and contributes all the necessary technology to run the container in a production environment. At Rancher Labs, we have integrated and released market-leading container scheduling and scheduling frameworks such as Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, as well as common application directories, enterprise user management, access control, container networks and persistent storage technology modules. So that we provide both developers and operators with full functionality and excellent user experience. Using Rancher, companies do not need to worry about catching and integrating endless technology that exists in fast-growing container ecosystems. On the contrary, they can put Rancher in a deployment after the energy into how to quickly develop applications, and improve the improvement of the business.

2. How do companies use Rancher?

Most of today's companies are applying or promoting agile software development lines. They started using containers, similar to GitHub's tools: Jenkins and Docker Hub to solve the various problems of the first half of the pipeline. They deploy and use Rancher to complete the application's testing, deployment, upgrades and containerization applications in private clouds or public cloud operations.


Why Rancher is different

We built Rancher's starting point or saw a broad set of fully functional out-of-the-box container management solutions. At present Rancher presents the following characteristics:

Open source

Rancher is one of the few 100% open source container management software platform. We believe that pulling the energy of the open source community is the best way to build platform software, and we also for enterprises to support their business needs to pay a full confidence, this also contributed to our software development pay.

2. Easy to use

Again and again, developers have told us many times that they love Rancher's ease of use, and this intuitive experience allows them to focus on building applications rather than deep on the underlying infrastructure software.

3. Enterprise level

Rancher enables enterprise functions such as LDAP / AD integration, role-based access control, unified infrastructure views, and auditing. There is also a standardized enterprise application directory (application store).

4. Infrastructure independence

Rancher runs only the computing resources required by the Linux operating system, and the underlying layer can be all levels of servers provided by all cloud and data centers. Rancher does not use or relies on any particular function provided by any cloud. The rich storage, network, load balancing, DNS, and metadata services built by Rancher consistently serve the operation of the container, regardless of the resource environment in which the container is located, or the cloud.

5. Also supports Swarm and Kubernetes

Today's businesses can not be across the framework of choosing application schedules, which makes DevOps participants uncomfortable. In fact, different development teams are more inclined to their own choice in the arrangement and scheduling box. Rancher is the only container management platform on the market today that supports both Swarm and Kubernetes.

IV. 1.0 Follow-up Outlook

We are very fortunate to have a large number of passionate users and members of the open source community. The community wants us to continually improve network and storage capabilities, develop richer enterprise-class graphical interfaces and control functions; add and certify more popular open source applications in application directories; support more container scheduling and scheduling frameworks. If you go to visit and browse our Rancher forum and GitHub on the list of issues to be solved, you will have a clearer understanding. After we release 1.0, you will see that the rate of new feature development will increase. When we maintain a stable distribution branch, we will introduce new features and capabilities with a more aggressive release cycle. Please keep your attention.

To experience the Rancher 1.0 version and participate in an online meeting this Wednesday at 1:00 pm (US Eastern Time) with the theme of building your own Containers-as-a-Service platform with Rancher 1.0. We also invited the Sony PlayStation container team to share the Rancher experience experience.

Learn about online meeting information:
Http://rancher.com/event/deliv … etup /


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