Questions about Docker

Read the video of Docker at Geek College:

Video a total of three people talk about the version, the video is characterized by a direct talk about how to use this thing, and occasionally some places will start to talk about what this thing is, but the concept of association is generally not how to explain.

There are basic circumstances, may be no problem, many people say different versions of the version can also eliminate their blind spots. But if there is no concept of completely the case, after listening to some doubts and confusion, we help explain:

1, video talk about Docker Machine and Docker Compose and Docker Swarm are container management tools, then what should be used? Or do they have their own different management functions?
2, Kubernetes is also a container management tool, then it and the above three, what are the characteristics? Who should I use?
3, CaaS, PaaS, laaS What is the meaning of their own?
4, what other Docker tutorials recommend, blog, video can be.

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Compose is used to organize and organize a set of Docker containers. For example, you have built a number of Docker images, there are HAProxy, Nginx, MySQL, PHP. However, these are scattered, you can only one by one to run these containers, and to manually ensure the coordination of the container parameters, such as TCP port corresponding. With Compose, you can record the entire cluster configuration in the file, whether it is development, testing or production environment, direct docker-compose up can build exactly the same cluster.

Swarm can make the Docker cluster transparent, making the cluster look the equivalent of a virtual whole. Swarm uses the standard Docker API interface, various forms of Docker client can communicate directly with the Swarm, in the Docker client seems to be the same as a single container

Machine nothing to say, just a key to install Docker Bash script Bale, easy to build Docker environment in different operating systems.

I suggest you read "Docker – container and container cloud" .

Docker Machine: Used to install Docker Engine to other clusters of machines
Docker Compose: used to encode the script to run the build mirror and run the container, to achieve a key to build the deployment
Docker Swarm: used to do docker cluster, to achieve multi-machine docker can be in the same cluster environment

More than three can be used in combination

Kubernetes: more comprehensive, you can do the above three things to do with

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