Master cannot find minion on Kubernetes

The log was reported as follows: shell Nov 25 09:05:34 fedora201 kube-scheduler[496]: E1125 09:05:34.514772 00496 factory.go:179] Error scheduling apache: failed to find a fit for pod: {{ } {apache default /api/v1beta1/pods/apache 7 2014-11-24 18:27:56 +0800 CST map[name:apache] map[]} {{v1beta1 apache 8e6f8482-73c4-11e4-9c8f-000c2951bd4d [] [{master fedora/apache [] [{ 80 80 TCP }] [] 0 0 [] <nil> […]

How to manage the application’s logs in Docker?

How to manage the application log in Docker, such as playing in a directory of JBoss, if the container in order to avoid closing the file content to bring lost, hanging on the physical machine by volumn, that if you do not cluster, management will be a mess? The idea now is to use centralized […]

Docker handles random RPC port problems

A large program (such as HBase) can be configured to accept a fixed port before running. The client connection opens a new port and accepts the RPC request. If you encapsulate these server-side programs in Container, you don’t know how many ports you need to develop before you run them, and Docker doesn’t allow all […]

Top 10 rapidly evolving Docker projects

Docker is undoubtedly the hottest open source technology this year, and Docker has now become the darling of IT entrepreneurs and innovators. Whether Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and other technology companies are actively supporting Docker technology, Docker entry and although it is very simple to use, but the entire ecosystem is very large, but the […]

The basic concept of Deis

Deis is a lightweight application platform that deploys and extends twelve element applications in a CoreOS cluster as a Docker container. Twelve-Factor The twelve element application is a methodology that guides the construction of modern, extensible, distributed applications. We feel that it brings together a lot of experience and wisdom about software as a service, […]

What kind of operating system is CoreOS?

CoreOS is a version of Linux lightweight container based on Docker, designed for large data center, designed by the architecture of lightweight and flexible application deployment capabilities simplify data center maintenance cost and complexity. CoreOS as an important member in the Docker ecosystem, has been the major cloud service providers attention, has now completed the […]

Is Container technology the same technology as server virtualization?

Container technology and server virtualization technology but not the same, although both belong to the virtualization technology, the target is to be required for an application execution environment packed up and create an isolated environment, convenient to move in different hardware, but the operation of different thinking. In simple terms, common traditional virtualization technologies, such […]

How to install Fig

Fig is a Docker based tool for building a development environment quickly, and the Fig team has now joined Docker. Fig manages multiple Docker containers through a configuration file that is ideal for scenarios where multiple containers are used for development. Fig can work with Docker to build complex applications based on Docker. First of […]

How do companies actually use Docker?

Businesses need Docker! Although very young, Docker has been listed on a number of road map, become the hearts of start-ups and financial services predators. It is generally assumed that the enterprise does not need to use Docker to turn itself into a land for development and operation; they do not need a micro service […]

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